well pump

  1. W

    Questions about pressure tank and cycling

    Hi all, i'm new here and this is my first time owning a house with a well. Is the gauge on the pressure tank supposed to go in between 45 and 70 psi back and forth as water is being used? (video: ) Is this called short cycling? There is also clicking sounds and vibrations when it hits 70psi...
  2. K

    New Shallow well pump not building up pressure

    I just replaced the shallow well pump with same Horse Power as the old one. For some reason the new pump is not able to build pressure over 10psi. It primes good. I've closed the valve to the irrigation system to isolate a possible line break issue but pressure does not go over 10psi and pumps...
  3. Ken_Thomas

    Water Well Pump Not Working

    We need a Christmas miracle. I could really use some recommendations on troubleshooting my well pump in the Texas Hill Country (Boerne, TX). Tomorrow is Christmas, and our water cistern is almost out of water. Here is an overview of my setup: - Approx. 1100 foot water well (I live on a hill...
  4. Peter12

    Well pump pressure very high

    Hi guys, I'm having problems with my well pump. The pressure is very high! The pressure gauge goes up to 100 and the needle is all the way up. At first I tried to clean the contacts on the pressure switch but was still having problems, so last night I bought a new pressure switch (40-60psi, same...
  5. Thinly9172

    Well Pump Sizing - Multiple Homes on Rural Property

    Hi, I am trying to size a well pump for my rural property and having trouble with the overwhelming number of options. The property will have 3 one bed/bath single level homes plus an RV hookup. All homes will be within ~150' of the pumphouse where our pressure tank and filtration system will be...
  6. Beanstalk

    Submersible pump recommendations

    I have a newly drilled well and looking for recommendations on pump as my driller isn’t responding since 2 months. Planning to do it myself along with a licensed electrician. This well will be used for basic irrigation and few large greenhouses. Well depth: 800 ft Yield: 35 gpm Static water...
  7. Bhavdeep

    Pump runs continously but doesn't build enough pressure to reach cut-off

    Hi I have a well system. Well pump is a submersible 4" 7GPM 3/4HP pump installed about 150-160 ft deep in a 200 foot deep well. The pump was replaced in 2012/2013 timeframe. The well is about 100 feet away from the pressure tank in the basement and is connected via a 1.5" pvc pipe buried...
  8. KBradley

    Well Pump & Pressure Tank - layout/plumbing advice

    Need to replace my pressure tank. Going with a larger Pentair WM-14WB (47 gal) fiberglass tank and a conventional tee at the bottom with integral pressure gauge & cut-off switch. Originally wanted to go with the Flex-Lite FL17, but no stock anywhere, unless you want to pay double the price...
  9. Malars2

    Control Box buzzing

    Last Sunday morning my kids realized that our water was off. We have had problems with out well pump previously, so I just assumed that was our problem. We have a 250' deep well that uses black flexible water line, so I decided that I would just pull the pump myself. Instead of checking the...
  10. Alpine_Junky

    HELP! Submersible pump inoperable after 3 days; Ideas?

    Grundfos SQ Flex Submersible Pump – 6SQF-3 installed 300' deep with schedule 120 pipe and wired for 240; no controller as pump has internal. Worked for a few days; abruptly quit. Power going down the well, no draw, no instances of a breaker tripping. -Schedule 120 pipe; did not use a torque...
  11. Ambam

    New well, sediment everywhere! HELP!

    We recently purchased a new home, with it came a brand new well. It was drilled July 9, we just moved in September 1, so it had only been actively being used since then. First time home owners here, and we don’t know anything about this. We’ve got black/dark grey sediment coming up in all our...
  12. Valofthenorth

    Well pump replacement

    I’m going to be replacing my submersible well pump and I’m wondering if there’s a way to tell the horsepower rating without pulling pump. There are no tags or markings of well depth or pump size. But I believe it to be 200’ or less it’s connected to 1”poly pipe 2 wire system
  13. JPelks

    Well pump to pressure tank pipe extension.. HELP

    Hi guys, first time poster, long time observer/learner. Bought my first home, gutted the basement and now I’m redoing the plumbing.. it was a mess! Question: I have a 1” galvanized pipe coming in from the submersible well pump... I need to extend the pipe 8 feet to where my new pressure tank...
  14. Valofthenorth

    Well pump replacement question

    Hello Jason here, I’m a homeowner looking to replace 1/2 horsepower submersible pump at 150’ well depth seems to be original to 1985 or around the period as the pump and pressure switch are solely two wires one black one red as far down in well as can see. Newer 2 wire pump wiring seems to have...
  15. stymee

    Well pump, high amps, delayed start

    I have a 505ft well, 6.25" diameter, casing depth 84ft. The placard says it was drilled in 1977, not sure if anything has been done to it since then. I have lived there since 2012. It is 240v, not sure what size the pump is. It runs from a 30amp breaker. About a year ago we had some...
  16. William Weis

    Humming Noise, can it be something other than high pressure?

    The pipe humming noise started about 2 months ago. I have a private well with a submersible pump. The pressure switch range is 40-60psi. I noticed the switch actually stops at 62. Then the pressure drops and stabilizes at 60. The humming noise starts at high pressure and continues even when the...
  17. Brittmoney91

    Is my well going dry?? Help

    Ok so my husband and I were attempting to fill a pool (about 6000 gallons) we have been filling it slowly on and off over the last week and are at about 5000 gallons in. Yesterday we changed the whole house filter because the water pressure in the house was slowing down. Then started filling...
  18. Rizwan A Sherazi

    Replacing Submersible Pump Control Box Pipe

    Hi I bought the house 6 months ago and today noticed a leak in one pipe coming through the control box. I am totally unfamiliar with the well pump system/function. Attaching the pictures to explain the setup. It seems from the Control Box there is a pipe going to the wall , that i believe is...
  19. Rquang

    Banging thumping noise from Well pump

    Hello All, I recently moved into a new house that uses a well pump. Prior to this, I have always been on city water and never had to deal with well pumps of any sort. Recently, I’ve been noticing a loud banging noise from the well pump that causes a the pipes attach to it to rattle. It seems...
  20. Steve3000

    Leak in pressure tank for about two weeks.

    Im on a fixed income. I had a big leak from a old galvanized tank. I would turn off/ on my pump at the breaker when I needed it. Maybe twice a day long enuff to shower, flush toilet, wash dishes. Got a new tank and a new switch. Hooked everything up, no water. Its a submersible pump. The switch...
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