1. Z

    How to drain and vent back-to-back toilets

    Good Day, Plumbing Gurus, I am seeking advice on how to properly drain and vent two back-to-back toilets in a symmetrical bathroom layout under a 4" slab on grade foundation with down-turned footers. This is new construction, I am owner/builder, and am new to plumbing and trying to research and...
  2. P

    Toilet wall carrier compatibility

    I am wanting to use wall mounted toilets in my bathroom remodels but the cost for the wall mount toilet carriers is excessive. I like the Toto wall mount commercial toilets with a top bung and would like to use them with a high tank set up or with the tank mounted to the bowl. But when i...
  3. T

    Used 3 feet Auger from Home Depot and Water + Poop is coming out of the Toilet

    Not sure if this is normal or not but it seems after every time I use the auger more poop and water keeps filling up the bowl of the toilet and I have to empty it so it doesn't overflow. Does this mean its working or is something else wrong?
  4. L

    Novice confusion: what wax ring to use for American Standard Cadet Pro?

    I purchased this Cadet Pro model: And noticed in the installation guide that it does not come with the wax ring. And cannot find what type of wax ring I would need for the installation. Would appreciate any advice.
  5. L

    Toto Drake vs Ultramax 1.6 gpf - which one should I buy?

    Drake costs $429 at Home Depot, Ultramax is $606 Aside from the "harder to clean" reason to consider a one piece, is Ultramax the same as Drake in terms of quality / operability? In other words, if money wasn't an issue, does it make sense to buy Ultramax? I don't mind paying $180 more for a...
  6. L

    Need help with the toilet replacement. Close to 14" rough-in

    I need to replace the 2 old toilets. I measured the rough in as seen below. I have zero experience with this, so can use some advice. Seems that I need to buy the 14 inch rough-in toilets, although the 2nd is basically 13". Am I doing this right? Any advice on the models/brand for this rough-in...
  7. J

    24” metal toilet connector?

    I want to attach the Brondell CSL-40 hand-held bidet to the toilet. There is only about 4” of space with the bidet piece attached, so I need to replace the toilet’s 6” connector with a 24” all-metal flexible connector that loops. I have tried 20” but when looped there is so much tension it is...
  8. N

    Shower and toilet on same vertical drain?

    Is it OK for the shower to be on the same vertical drain/vent line as the toilet? Seems risky, if toilet clogs. Could back up into shower. But I can't figure out any other way to vent the shower. The shower line is the 2" blue one. The toilet stack is 3". My apologies if this is a...
  9. N

    Shower and toilet on same drain?

    I've read online that it's ok for the shower and toilet to be on the same vertical drain/vent pipe. Seems risky, if the toilet clogs. But I can't figure out any other way to drain/vent the shower. I've attached a file showing what I'm thinking of doing. The shower line is 2", the stack is...
  10. M

    Toilet/WC above Shower?

    I'm trying to get a wall hung toilet installed in my condo but my application got rejected because as I understand it, that the wet vented drain for the WC has to be at the same elevation or lower than other wet vented plumbing group fixtures such as the shower (I assume it is to prevent risk of...
  11. S

    Advice needed for a toilet that has a small footprint, please

    Hi all, I am nearly finished with a bathroom remodel and am having difficulty finding a new toilet that will fit. My water supply valve comes out of the floor. I am wanting a skirted, modern toilet, but it looks like most of them won't work because of the valve placement. I had thought that this...
  12. G

    Moving toilet over one joist- question about elbows

    Looking to move a 3" waste drain over to the 21-22" mark shown in the first image so it's not so close to the wall. 2nd floor, no waste above this level. Plan to elbow through the 2x10, and then back up to the toilet. A street elbow and a two hub elbow puts the flange about where I'd want it...
  13. shim

    Accidentally cut off corner of 3 inch ABS fitting! Is it still good to use??

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here, I hope I can get some valuable feedback and advice from all of you. I am currently remodeling my washroom. I noticed that my toilet flange was broken and was causing my toilet to rock back and forth. I decided that I would replace the toilet flange...
  14. Justfixit

    Toilet off level by more than an inch

    I have a toilet that needs to be replaced. The front of the toilet is over an inch lower than the back is, if I'd set it right on the floor. Too much to use shims. I saw someone using plaster of paris under it to level it out but I don't feel like plaster is strong enough. It's also not very...
  15. J

    New toilet in product development

    I'm Jeremy Cressman and I work for VitrA. We're working to design new toilets to meet the needs of contractors here in the US. I'm talking to installers to understand what works, what's important, what you wish manufacturers considered today. Is there any new or underappreciated feature...
  16. personage

    connecting a wall-hung toilet to waste riser

    I have a back outlet, floor mount toilet, and I would like to install a wall-hung toilet instead. The waste riser is cast iron with 4" threaded opening, and my current toilet is connected to it with this ABS nipple...
  17. J

    Home-owner looking for some help properly venting a 1st floor toilet around a support beam in the basement ceiling.

    Hello! I registered an account specifically for this question so any help would be greatly appreciated! I live in a house built 100 years ago and over that time there's been some questionable modifications done. One of which is the powder room on my first floor. When I moved in after a couple...
  18. AmateurHomeowner

    Gluing/Epoxying a bidet mounting bracket to toilet? Good idea or bad idea?

    Had a toto washlet for years and loved it. Bought an apartment, moved into it a couple years ago, and couldn't bring the bidet with me. I finally got around to getting a new Toto C5 washlet and realized my tankless floating Duravit toilet seat holes are too far apart for the toto mounting...
  19. D

    Ove toilet fill valve

    A contractor replaced our toilet recently with an Ove dual flush model and the fill valve always seems to be hissing. I'm not sure what model the toilet is, but the fill valve resembles the one in this YouTube video. A few questions: 1) The hissing stops when I shut off the water line to the...
  20. A

    Installing a Salvaged 1930s Flushometer Toilet

    I am hoping to replace my current toilet with this salvaged 1930s Kohler toilet. For reference, I live in a pre-war NYC co-op building. My current toilet is a rear spud flushometer, but the salvaged Kohler toilet is a top spud. The water supply line is 21 ¼” above the floor. The toilet has a...
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