1. Oswald Tay

    Help with wet vent with toilet and shower!

    Hi, I am relatively new to plumbing, and I am simply wondering it the design in the picture below is acceptable in terms of venting and wet venting? I am renovating an old basement half bathroom. The drain for the sink is already taken care of, but I am just not sure about the drainage and...
  2. IKi

    Project Source toilets, the difference

    Just found on these two toilets, look absolutely same and What's the difference? Only brand...
  3. Mr Fixit eh

    Toilet Base Leaks When clogged

    So, I'm helping a friend with a toilet that was leaking around the base. The valve would stick open and there would be significant flooding from the base. The plumbing system is 30 years old, toilet is fairly 'new'. Before I started, I flushed - no leaking. I dumped a pail of water down to...
  4. Danny L

    Cut flange over 3" pipe, and install 4" flange on top?

    Hi forum, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I hired a professional plumber to install a toilet flange for me but he installed it 3/8 inches above the finished tile floor and claims it is perfectly acceptable. Further, the flange is only held in to the substrate by 1 screw and the flange rests solely...
  5. Marius

    Can flexible coupling be installed on a toilet drain 3" ABS pipe?

    I'm doing a bathroom reno on second floor, and in the process, I'm replacing the bathtub with a shower. The current bathtub drain 1 1/2" ABS it connects with the 3" ABS drain coming from toilet using a 3" wye ABS. I have to cut the wye and install a new one, this time on opposite direction, with...
  6. Paul Andrews

    Question on Venting a basement bathroom and kitchen

    Hello! I am embarking on finally finishing a basement bathroom and kitchen. I wanted to see if I could elicit some feedback on a question, I had about venting. When I built my house, I had the plumbing for the basement bathroom and kitchen rough in. The bathroom will have a single vanity, a...
  7. Michael L

    Side inlet quarter bend usage

    Hello, Am I allowed to use the side inlet of a quarter bend as a vent when the bend is used for a toilet? Thank you
  8. Michael_Wpg

    Caroma CARAVELLE 989900W

    Please note that I purchased 2 of these Caroma units in the last 6 weeks to try and reduce clogging from large BMs. I have noticed a big difference in performance between them. One unit is installed upstairs in a 2 story home and works fine and rarely clogs. The second unit is installed in the...
  9. OB1

    Closet Flange to Waste Pipe connection

    I am in the process of installing a new toilet and found something strange looking with my existing closet flange. Near the bottom of the transition it appears that the closet flange transition/tapered area was cut or broken off. I can see a 1/4" space between the closet flange transition and...
  10. Jeff Little

    Lead bend drain pinholes!? Need to replace/fix leaking toilet waste pipe.

    Hi folks, this is my first post here. I have a leak in a toilet drain. The house is 82 or 84 years old and this is guaranteed to be 100% original. I'm assuming a popular fix is to remove the ferrule and get a Fernco Donut -> ABS solution in place. Or is it easier (and is there enough of the...
  11. Bceverson

    Toilet plumbing and wet vent - remodel

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at my remodel and specifically toilet plumbing/ wet vent questions. The main questions are: 1. Can I: A. use a 3x3x3x3 wye with a toilet/WC on one side and a tub/shower combo on the other. I understand that the toilet should be the furthest from the vent...
  12. Terry

    Kohler Lintelle™ Comfort Height® K-23158

    • Two-piece design. • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. • Comfort Height® feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults. • 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf). • 2-1/8" (54 mm) fully glazed trapway. • The Complete Solution® toilets provide...
  13. Justin_P

    Moving Drains Under Slab

    Hi, I'm remodeling an old bathroom built in the late 70s and am swapping out the cast iron tub for a new, larger walk-in shower. I am moving the shower drain from the tub location to be centered on the shower floor. I also need to move the toilet over to make room for the new shower. I just got...
  14. farmerisland

    Replacing toilet that clogs/leaks from poor installation

    Hello all. I have an old main floor toilet that I'm replacing because it has always been a notorious clogger. I've also noticed a little leakage, but minimal. The previous homeowners, or whatever installer, placed the flange slightly below the finished tile. I could stack wax rings, but there's...
  15. Dmwesq

    Toilet Hissing Even Though Water Turned Off

    My mother in law had a plumber over today to work on her American Standard toilet. He replaced the fill valve, and then tested the water pressure and said it was reading over 100 psi when it should be about 60 psi. He then replaced the pressure valve on the main water line. I got a late night...
  16. oakmanii

    Tilting Wye a little from flat for a toilet

    I have a toilet coming directly off the side arm of a 3" Wye, where the Wye is laid horizontal, the main line going straight, and the side arm going off to the right. Should I roll the Wye a little so the arm is a little above flat to increase the slope coming from the regular 90 off the toilet...
  17. pazure

    Great closet flange graphic for newbies

    At first, I was bewildered by all the different types of closet flanges and ways they could be installed. This graphic from Home Depot really helped me understand them, and it even cites which are code compliant and which not. My question is, if it isn't code approved, then why are they...
  18. Mulligan Stew

    Toilet Venting

    I'm roughing in a 3" toilet drain and want to install a 3x2 wye on the vertical drop, above where the drain turns horizontal. Is this allowed per UPC? I can't seem to find it in the code book.

    3 45s to vertical wye for main floor toilet??

    Good evening from Ontario Canada. I'm wondering if three 3" 45 elbows to a wye (all vertical) is acceptable for a main floor toilet. I don't have street 45s. Covid has made returning products impossible and shopping a pain, so I'm hoping what I have is all I need for code
  20. 237user

    Cannot remove closet bolts - toilet install

    Hi Ran into a problem replacing my toilet. Previous owner installed an extender on the flange as the flange is about an inch below the floor. However, I cannot remove the bolts as it appears as though the extender was installed over the bolts so the keyhole is partially covered by the...
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