1. Kurtjs86

    Cast iron question for powder room

    So I’m remodeling my powder room( my house was built in the 40’s) and the subfloor was bad by the toilet and the flange was cracked. I tore out the floor and was going to use an expandable flange but I’m just not sure how serviceable the cast iron is. I was going to cut it right past the elbow...
  2. Terry

    Vortens™ Brand Toilet Tank Settlement

    If you are a Texas owner of a Vortens™ Brand Toilet Tank that was manufactured between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2010, you could get benefits from the Cone v. Vortens Class Action Settlement. November 16, 2020 Claim Filing Deadline Sorry, we just saw this today over a year later. As a...
  3. Kathryn

    Selecting a toilet with 10” rough in

    Hello! I’m trying to select a reliable, don’t-ever-have-to-think-about-it-again toilet for a small powder room. 10 inch rough in Total depth of the room is 47 inches. I know that all reviews are in favor of Toto, but doesn’t seem like there’s a model that’s short enough to fit this space…...
  4. Kamil

    Toilet Venting

    Hello, I have a question regarding two toilets that are on the same horizontal drain pipe. The toilets are back to back in two separate bathrooms. As you can see on the picture toilet#2 is vented but I am not sure if toilet #1 needs a vent as well and if it does how would one do it while...
  5. Michael Crivello

    Replacement of Toilet / Leaks

    I had recently replaced my toilet not really know what I was doing and when press the handle down the water slowly starts to go down but then starts leaking on the bottom of the toilet. To fix this issue I bought a wax ring with bolts set and put down the wax ring under the toilet where I...
  6. DoINeedaNewToilet

    Do I need to return my brand new toilet?

    Hi all, I bought a new DeerValley DV-1F52807 compact toilet online for my remodeled powder room. We were really excited about saving space, but I noticed something weird when I was inspecting it. All the porcelain and everything looks like it's in good shape, except for a hole in the web...
  7. Terry

    John Douglas Royal toilet

    John Douglas, a 1905 Royal Toilet. At least that's what it says on the rim of the bowl. Some people claim that the slang name “John” for the toilet, came from the John Douglas Company of Cincinnati putting his name on the toilet in America. There were actually a few manufacturers with John in...
  8. Michael Crivello

    Toilet That's Difficult to Remove

    I've got a broken toilet that I'm looking to replace. The screws are really rusted and I can't get them out. Should I just snap them off? What else is involved in replacing a toilet? ---- Also, the only thing that works plumbing wise is my tub...and actually it doesn't really work that well...
  9. Terry

    Western Pottery B832/T8-HP Toilet Elongated bowl.

    Western Pottery B832/T8-HP Toilet Elongated bowl. Standard Height 800 Grams MaP testing. 2" trapway Western Pottery B832/T8-HP with 1.28 GPF tank
  10. Terry

    How is a toilet made?

    How is a toilet made? Kohler in Wisconsin Kohler in India South Africa The UK Discovery Channel
  11. Terry

    Swiss Madison St. Tropez SM-1T242 One-Piece-Toilet

    Swiss Madison St. Tropez SM-1T242 One-Piece-Toilet with 16" bowl height. Dual Vortex flush 1.1/1.6 GPF Quick-release, soft-close seat
  12. Terry

    Snaking with back to back toilets, be careful people!

    Snaking with back to back toilets, be careful people! Sometimes the fitting between the two bowls allows the snake to skip across the fitting, and come up the other side. Here is an example of that. This can also happen with back to back sinks or lavs, though not as serious as something...
  13. bwhamilton

    Minimum distance between two 90s

    Is there a minimum distance between two 90s on a toilet line? The current toilet is setup 12" from either wall, which I don't think was right even in 1950 when it was built. 4" cast iron dropping 12" into a 90 right into the main stack. No vent due to being so close to the main stack...
  14. tigger68

    11" rough in

    Hello, I am looking at buying a new Kohler toilet, but I have an 11" rough in and I am unsure of what I should be getting because the options are 10" and 12". Could someone please help steer me in the right direction? Thank you.
  15. raeyn

    Toilet clogs 3-4x/wk - toilet issue or further down?

    Hi, About 4 years ago, we purchased one of the Costco Water Ridge 2pc toilets that seemed well rated at the time. We got permission to use it in our apartment as we needed the higher seat. After we installed it, a few unrelated toilet line plumbing issues came up in the building. A plumbing...
  16. Carla.

    Toto CST484CEMFG Maris- can't get more than 2" of water in the bowl

    We just moved into a house with a Toto toilet in the ensuite. On moving in the bowl was FILTHY - once we cleaned it up we realized that it's because the bowl only holds a small amount of water in the very bottom where it drains. To clarify, 3-4 sheets of toilet paper is enough to absorb it...
  17. Ryansteelers

    New toilet venting

    I recently added a half bath on the 1st floor of my home (septic system fyi) To drain it, I tapped into the toilet pipe coming from my 2nd floor bathroom. The existing drain pipe runs vertically from the 2nd floor straight down into the basement... I connected the new toilet drain pipe in the...
  18. Libby Donovan

    Toto Drake II (CST454CEFG#01) vs American Standard Champion 4 (2034.314.020)

    I need to replace the toilet in our powder room. It's our only toilet on the main floor so it gets used frequently. I did a lot of comparison research and narrowed it down to 2. Looking for a final recommendation. My top priorities are #1 - no clogging #2 - easy cleaning/stays clean (interior...
  19. NewPlumberKid

    Tangshan Huida, Help Me Identify this Fill Valve

    Fill valves are never an issue for me, they are about as easy to replace as anything in a toilet. Even a newbie like me can do it. Fast forward to today when I came across this specific fill valve. I can not identify it, and I cannot replace it. What is it? It says Tangshan Huida Anti Siphon on it
  20. farmerisland

    Fixing improper venting, old house

    Hello, This is an update/new question from my last post. My home has old all copper DWV from 1960 and earlier, with even older cast iron at basement level-down, that I'm replacing with PVC. Plumbing noise isn't an issue; I really don't want to do expensive cast. The current copper has pinholing...
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