1. Melissa2007B

    Squatty Potty for handicapped toilets.

    I don't know how many of you have been seeing the Squatty Potty ads. The first one was hilarious and they have others after that. Here's the first one: They should win an award for this ad! :-) So I was wondering what the height difference is, between handicapped height toilets and regular...
  2. rgraves

    How to fix ceiling stain from a leak

    We had a toilet leaking upstairs from the water intake valve and it made a stain on the ceiling below (see attached photo). We got the leak fixed as soon as we saw it. Not sure if it was leaking for a while or just that morning. You can also see some water has got between the floor joist and...
  3. Matina

    Toilet gurgles when washing machine is draining

    Hello all, For almost a month now whenever the washing machine drains there are water bubbles (and a loud gurgling noise) in the downstairs toilet and the bathtub which is upstairs next to the washing machine. I had a plumber here 10 days ago who took the toilet out and using an industrial...
  4. snuggles

    Framing under new toilet flange

    Hello, I poked around through the archives, but was unable to locate an answer to my question, but sorry if this has already been asked and answered a million times... I've gutted an old bathroom and reframed to make it level, square and plumb by sistering 2x8s to the existing joists, building...
  5. bbkk2017

    How to adjust vigorous water from the front rim hole?

    Hey guys, I just moved to this apartment, and I have been experiencing vigorous water from the front rim hole. For people who are not sure the meaning of the front rim hole, here is the picture to better explain it: The front rim hole is where Y points at. Every time when I flush the toilet...
  6. calverahills

    Help finding toilet model

    Hi all, I need help fixing my running toilet. Every few minutes it will run. I don't know anything about plumbing but I am hoping to be able to save some money and fix this myself. I have a Kohler. I can't read the markings inside of the tank saying the model number. It seems like they were...
  7. Needhelp12

    Rusted flange, need to replace?

    We had our bathroom re-tiled and now need to reinstall the toilet. Subfloor is concrete. The flange looks rusted and we aren't sure it will bolt down the toilet and be secure (see pic below). Are we ok to just add spacers to get to the right height and reinstall or does this flange need to be...
  8. AnTonC

    15.5 Inch Rough-in

    Hello, I know variations of the question get asked a lot, but here is my personal situation. I recently moved into a new (used) house with a basement bathroom where the toilet has a 15.5 inch rough-in (house built in 2012), which has almost a 5 inch gap between the tank and the wall. Because...
  9. hammerpocket

    Moving toilet rough-in

    I currently have about a 15-inch rough-in and have rejected the Toto Unifit offerings because of the other specs (specifically, we want a round bowl and a seat height no more than 16 inches), so I'm looking at moving the rough-in and installing a Toto Eco Ultramax. I have easy access to the...
  10. Chala

    Badly Plugged Toilet

    I live in an apartment I sublease a coop. I have lived in apartments all my life I never seen one I could not unplug either with a plunger or auger until yesterday. Eventually the water seeps down but something is clogging it badly solids will not flush. I called the super and he came with this...
  11. dglsconklin

    Smell at base of toilet ONLY during mild temps (around 60 degrees)

    Bought a 1950s Cape last August and immediately remodeled the main floor bathroom. Put a new toilet in (a cheap dual-flush model from Sam's Club--which might be the problem but I'll continue) and had some water around the base after a few days. Since the pipe is cast iron leading to PVC in the...
  12. Timothy Witt

    Wet Venting Clarifications

    Hey guys, thanks for the forum, it has helped me countless times. We have a question about wet venting. Every image in the plumbing codes we can find shows an offset toilet when wet venting. We want to know if there is any issue with connecting to a line directly underneath of the toilet. It...
  13. Jennifer King

    Tub drain gurgles when I flush toilet

    Hello! Bought my house 18 months ago, it's a two story built in 1962, 98% original plumbing. Noticed that the tub/shower drain gurgles after I flush the toilet. We had a plumber come out and check the drain line from the kitchen out to the outside because my husband noticed the line was...
  14. Khadija

    Toilet is making a thumping sound

    Hello, I have a toilet in my basement that makes a thumping sound tbat you can hear all the way up to the living room upstairs. Do I need to replace the fill valve? Since recording this video the thumping is much faster.
  15. MLC

    Dry vent for toilet after additional drain wye

    Installing a new bathroom in an existing walk-out basement in California (UPC plus). In trying to trench as little as possible, can a 2" dry vent for a single toilet, wye off after another fixture (washer box, vented separately) has wyed into the 3" toilet drain? Or have I created an illegal...
  16. Livatx

    Toilet help - leak where tank meets bowl when flushed

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help solve this toilet issue I ran into doing a DIY fix. The back story - the toilet was running all the time and not fully flushing so a few months ago we simply shut it off and used the other bathroom. Today I installed the Fluidmaster Toilet Fill Valve & Flapper...
  17. Terry

    Toilet for Space Shuttle

    Looks legit. I'm still not understanding all that I'm looking at though. Waste removal, or toilet for Space Shuttle.
  18. Scott H.

    Toilet overflowing every 5-8 flushes

    I have an older toilet in my apartment. For the last couple of months, every fifth to eighth flush the water will not go down (even if it is just the toilet water in there) and will rise up to the rim and sometimes over. I have to use the plunger to get it to go down, and all I do is give it...
  19. Reader Review

    Old Champion toilet reviews, page 42893 starting from 2004

    About one year ago I installed three American Standard Champion toilets in a friends home, to replace three, cheap, builder installs. All three leak water from the tank and refill regularly and it's noisy. All three were installed within one degree level...what else would be pertinent to know...
  20. PhoenM

    Kohler Wellworth, like Toto Drake?? Women unfriendly toilets.

    Just got a Kohler Wellworth. I'm a female and it splashes back when I pee - a problem I've not experienced with any other toilet. I saw a thread on here "women friendly toilets" about women having splashback issues with the Toto Drake and I'm wondering if any women have had the same problems...
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