shower drain

  1. keb21

    Shower drain not flush with pan. Possibly installed wrong?

    This drain has bothered me since we purchased our house (2020), but it’s never caused problems or been enough of a nuisance to check it out. Our shower drain does not sit flush with the lowest point in the pan so we get some pooling water around the edges. It looks to be about 3/16" higher than...
  2. C

    Drain Under Slab P Trap

    I’m adding a shower drain to the basement, tying into the 4 inch main. Which layout is better (if any)? I’m running out of room below the slab for the vent line—stack up is too much. Option 2 gives more room to re-pour the concrete, but is the P-trap below the 4 inch main OK? Option 1 is...
  3. S

    Help IDing shower drain type

    Noticed a water leak coming from our second floor bathroom and I’ve got it narrowed down to the shower floor drain. I’ve got access to the drain and P-trap from the floor below but I’m having some trouble identifying the drain type with the glue that the plumber used to install the drain cover...
  4. Peterac

    Replace shower drain flange from top. Which products before I try to hire someone who has done this? Tx

    Replace shower drain flange from top. Which products before I try to hire someone who has done this? Tx I have a few pictures of my shower drain which is part of an entire plastic shower enclosure. The...
  5. R

    Ideas for fixing tile shower drain

    I have a Dreamline preformed shower pan that started leaking underneath. During my troubleshooting, I discovered our contractor installed with an Oatey 130 series tile drain instead of the no caulk ring type. I bought the Wingtite replacement drain but it looks like when I cut out the old tile...

    Sins of plumbers past

    Hi all, I recently had a leak in a shower which I believe to be from missing grout (and apparently a missing liner in the shower pan. With no membrane present, you get an idea of the quality of install. While hunting for the leak, I exposed the drain from below and found this: What may...
  7. Brian Kehlmeier

    Installing shower drain and closet flange before rough inspection?

    I am nearing the end of my DWV install and terminating the closet and shower drains are confusing me. I do have access to the crawl space under both fixtures. I tend to overthink things, but I can't seem to convince myself it will be easy. I have a stainless steel flange that will fit over...
  8. T

    Shower drain P trap is off by 1.5"

    Hello, I am replacing our shower as the old one was leaking. I went with the Sterling Ensemble shower kit to replace it. The drain is off by like 1.5" from the center of the new shower pan. It has some give so I can get it into position, but will that have negative effects long term? Any other...
  9. C

    Converting Rough In Shower Drain to Extra Floor Drain?

    Hi there, My first post. I have been googling answers to plumbing questions and every time the name Terry Love comes up with answers! So well done. I am redoing my laundry solution as well as adding a powder room in the basement. We decided to move the laundry to the basement and we also...
  10. Straight_A

    Height of shower p trap

    New to the forum although I use it frequently for reference. I'm running fixture drains from a bathroom to the main drain stack (about 2 ft to the right of the end of the pic.). My question is about the p trap shown. I have a 2" vertical drain from a shower pan, p-trap, 2" vent then it connects...
  11. Caryncbreeef

    Washing machine trap question. Shower drain question

    When rough plumbing (IPC) a washer does the trap need to be one with a plug cleanout or compression fitting instead of glued? I read the code but not sure. I will have a T cleanout on the vent line Quick question about shower pan drain. My unit came with one of those 2 inch drains that...
  12. Dumb DIY

    Rubber Gasket won’t seat onto 2 inch PVC shower drain all the way.

    Hey guys, Replacing an old acrylic shower pan that was on it’s last leg with a new acrylic one. The shower pan I bought came with a special drain that I haven’t seen before. Standard center drain, however the drain has a rubber gasket that is supposed to fit over the 2 inch pvc drain pipe. Had...
  13. Kaymandavis

    Shower drain pipe (riser) not plumb

    I have an Oatey brass 'no caulk' shower drain. It uses a rubber gasket that sits over the PVC drain pipe (riser, correct?). The riser is enough out of plumb that the rubber gasket doesn't seal properly. I did a leak test and it failed. Before opening up the basement ceiling and cutting pipes to...
  14. MoonmanH3

    Newly Installed Slip fit shower drain leaks

    Hello all, We are installing an acrylic shower base and I wanted to test fit the drain. I am using this drain: It seems like a fairly typical design for 2” drains. There are several versions of this...
  15. Cadobe

    Shower and tub horizontal drain

    Hi, Is it possible (WA code allowance) to use the Double Fixture 3" Hub to be used on both shower and tub drainage? I like to have the side ends for shower and tub. The long straight end goes to the 3" drain pipe and the opposite used for cleanout. Edited: the fitting needs to be on...
  16. aopchuck

    Concerned About Venting Drain on New Shower

    I' installing new shower and trying to fit waste in cramped subfloor. This is the view from the basement with the p trap just loosely attached to the shower drain a bit behind the current waste pipes. The top of the main sewer waste stack is on the in the shadows on the right and has an open top...
  17. SeaDave

    Shower drain in 2x6 joists.

    Terry, Thanks for the guidance you provide. Helping my son build a primary bedroom suite in his attic. It is engineered with 2x6 joists 8”oc for head height. Trying to fit a 2”shower drain trap in this space is challenging. I have a 2x6 plumbing wall, 1 joist away and would like to elbow into...
  18. crazee_an

    How to remove grouted in shower drain cover

    First-time homeowner here. Our shower drain is clogged probably due to my long hair - also it is broken. We are really struggling to take out the shower drain cover - it almost seems like it is grouted in. Any suggestions on how to remove it?
  19. Gardener123

    Tile drain gap

    Hi, We are in a new home and I've noticed something that I'm not sure is usual. While cleaning out the drain grate I noticed there is a gap between the top of the drain channel and the tile. This is one of those infinity/linear tile type drains. This gap goes all the way across where the tile...
  20. TAPReactor

    Shower vent horizontal run

    I'd like to relocate a vent that's currently serving a tub and shower. It's embedded in a shower wall that I'd like to replace with a glass panel. Here's the current configuration: Since I'm up against an exterior wall, I was thinking of relocating the vent under the shower to wall (B). This...
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