shower drain

  1. Rjs12801

    Removing shower drain/ shower remodel

    Im Remodeling the bathroom in my upstairs apartment. My house was built in 1905, I purchased it in 2016, i don’t know anything about the history or when/ how many times this bathroom has been remodeled. I had hired someone to do the job, but with the whole corona thing he has since stopped...
  2. RT1001

    Will a slow drain lead to drain flies

    Ok, first post so here it goes: Our shower drain is slow. An enzymatic cleaner typically clears up the issue, at least for a few weeks. Does anyone know if living with a slow drain for periods of time could present an issue for drain fly infestations? Seems like online articles say so...
  3. HChess

    Retiling or a drainage problem?

    We had a leak from the second floor bathroom into our downstairs. Because of cabinet access to our piping inside the wall, I can see that it looks as though our liner was overflowing. When we block the drain and add water, eventually the leak flows past what looks to be the liner. Our shower...
  4. Jrew

    How to remove and replace old shower pan and drain

    I’m looking to totally renovate my bathroom with my handy father. I’ve slowly demolished the shower wall but got stuck with the shower floor, which coincidentally enough is a big reason for the remodel. Seems I'm told that lead was poured between the floor and drain being that this was probably...
  5. Ed Rogers

    Drain vs Joist! Help needed!

    We see this is a common issue on quite a few posts however ours is unique: Our new install of a prefab shower pan has the drain coming dead center of a joist. Today we spent 8 hours (literally) searching for answers. We found boxing and sistering and understand them all however if you take a...
  6. Terry

    Shower leaking through ceiling below. The repair with a JackRabbit drain.

    Sometimes I will get a call about a leak showing up in a ceiling below a bathroom. What I find when checking with a moisture meter may be that it's right under the shower drain. Sometimes those drains were installed with plumbers putty, and over time it' loosens up, especially with people in...
  7. Josh87

    Replace Lead Shower Drain.

    Hi, I'm a first time poster here, but I've used this site for years and have gained a lot of great information from all of you! I'm redoing my basement bathroom shower on concrete slab and using information on your other threads, I removed a lead/oakum shower drain. I used the method of...
  8. James Kimbrough

    Installing new shower drain under slab

    I am re-modeling the lower level of my house, and expanding the existing half-bath to include a walk-in shower where the washer and dryer were in the utility room. North is left in the picture from before re-modeling began: To that end, I removed the wall between the half-bath and utility room...
  9. ihasamoose

    Best way to tackle odd shower drain rough-in location

    Hi all, I'm back for more advice. At the moment, I have a roughed in drain that is 17 1/8 x 18 inches to the center of my drain, from my studs. I'm having a world of trouble trying to find a square/neo-angle/rounded stall in the vicinity of being about 36x36 inches in size. I currently have...
  10. TAPlumbing

    Please help me find the correct shower drain

    Second attempt here. My last post got zero replies. Please help! I’m a DIYer trying to renovate my second floor bathroom. Not totally inexperienced, but also not totally experienced. There’s an existing 2-inch threaded copper pipe that used to receive the old shower drain. I knocked all about...
  11. 69velle

    Replacing cast iron p-trap into iron hub help, with pictures

    Hello all I have a shower with a cast iron P-trap that is leaking. At first i was hoping to cut out the old trap and splice a new abs one in with a rubber coupling, but the trap arm is not long enough to have a nice square cut with enough material for a coupling. I might get 1" of usable...
  12. george sandoval

    Vant shower drain pumped up into vent stack

    Hi - what would be the best way to connect into the vent stack without using a T connector. I'm using a Saniflo pump to get the water up. Just shower water - nothing heavy duty. This is a garage concrete floor. Thanks!
  13. Allen Brown

    Side Discharge Shower Drain

    I'm having trouble locating any information related to code on side discharge shower drains such as: Infinity Drain: or QuickDrain USA: ( or EasyDrain I'm located in California. I'm moving a shower...
  14. Jim Wright

    PVC tile in shower drain strainer screws rusted out

    Tried to cut screwdriver slot in screw with dremmel and plastic melted and screw receiver sunk into plastic. Trying to find snap in strainer or some safe repair options to secure strainer to drain.
  15. Kazimm


    Hello- we have recently purchased a home in Texas, less than 30 days ago and are having plumbing issues. It’s a ranch style home,2 bath, no basement. The bathrooms are located on the left side of the home (one in the hall-the other in master bedroom, almost one directly in front of the other...
  16. moore1289

    Requesting help with plumbing layout for basement bathroom retrofit

    I'm adding a master bathroom to my basement. I've done some research on vent design but I feel like my design isn't as simple as it could be, so I was hoping you guys could review it. Could I somehow tie the shower drain into the toilet drain and vent them both together before tying into the...
  17. franksr27

    Shower P-Trap Orientation. Please help!

    Hi Guys, I am about to install my P-trap and shower drain for a tile shower floor on concrete slab. I was hoping that someone could confirm it is Fine to install my P-Trap in this Orientation (sort of double backed) see pics. I have seen other threads on this but they all look different, so...
  18. KristenJensen

    Shower drain assembly

    Hello friends, I have a cement slab home from the 1950’s in El Paso, Texas. I tore out the entire shower for a redo, and decided to center the drain while I was at it. My plan is to cut this pipe near the bottom, attach a 90, then a short straight piece horizontally, then another sweeping 90...
  19. JV_IL

    3 piece shower drain base slightly unlevel-due to subfloor

    I've lurked around for several years on this site finding answers to a lot of my questions here. This site, and you people are an amazing resource; thanks in advance for any advice you can provide. This will be my first post. I have read several posts already about out of level shower drains...
  20. Leak2017

    Leaking Tub/Shower Drain

    Hello All - My skills are it the DIY level, need advice. I'll try to be brief. Shower drain clogged and I used plunger to clear, worked great. Next, I noticed ceiling downstairs wet after anyone took shower, Opened ceiling and found that shower drain had female threadded connector, but...
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