Rubber Gasket won’t seat onto 2 inch PVC shower drain all the way.

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Hey guys,

Replacing an old acrylic shower pan that was on it’s last leg with a new acrylic one. The shower pan I bought came with a special drain that I haven’t seen before. Standard center drain, however the drain has a rubber gasket that is supposed to fit over the 2 inch pvc drain pipe. Had no problem getting the gasket to seat properly when dry fitting. Problem happened when I placed the pan in a mortar bed, the gasket doesn’t go flush with the pvc pipe anymore, it is seated too high. Unfortunately, i can’t take the cover off to get more pressure on the gasket so I’ve been trying to carefully move it down with dishwasher soap and a screwdriver to no avail. Any suggestions on how to move the gasket down to seat correctly?


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