shower drain

  1. Dony

    Broken drain pipe

    Hello, While removing the drain assembly parts of the drain pile got broken. What i the best way to fix it and put a new drain assembly? Thanks Dony
  2. sagrr

    Is it okay if there's some space between pipes in a Flexible PVC Coupling

    Per Schluter instructions, i'm looking to use this kind of coupling below to connect my Kerdi linear drain ( to...
  3. sagrr

    How do I make sure my shower drain will be flush to the floor when I have to pitch the pipes? I've had to elongate this drain to the wall since I'll be using a linear drain. I understand that I should be pitching the drain pipe about a 1/4" for every foot, but I'm not understanding how I could do that and then also make the drain pipe flush to the floor? Does...
  4. alex lerner

    Shower drain pipe does not go up to the shower floor level?

    Hey, folks. My shower is leaking (after many years) and my wife and I were trying to figure out where it leaks. After taking the cover off drain, we had noticed that there doesnt seem to be a pipe that would go from the shower floor level down, Instead, it seems to be round hole going down...
  5. VladE

    Help with fixture relocation - drains

    Hi I have few questions regarding my set up. Wanted to check with those who have more experience before I go any further. Renovating a bathroom and moving some fixtures around. Any and all advise is much appreciated. Toilet - placing a toilet where shower used to be. Capped old 2" drain and...
  6. underthetablethinker

    Is this an S-Trap?

    Had a plumber over on friday to give advice on how I should vent my 3" toilet drain, and even after telling the receptionist on both phone calls I was only looking for an idea on where to run the vent line, the guy was still upset when I told him I was doing the work myself. He said he's not in...
  7. dispacc

    Moving Shower Drain Rough Stub

    Good Morning, I need to move a rough in shower pan stub about 5-6" after a remodel. Is there anything wrong with setting up an offset with two 45s and straight piece right before the in ground P-Trap as shown in the image below? The P Trap sits about 20" below the surface. Thank You!
  8. rdm2370

    PLEASE help...had curbless drain installed now shower floods

    MY shower pan is 50x45...The drain in a linear drain that is 28" Long x 2.75 Wide" with a 2" outlet...My shower is a Grohtherm 3/4 with 3 outlets I will paste the specs below.. If I turn on the shower all the way it will start to overflow, if I turn on the shower head and rain shower I will have...
  9. Ryan907

    Copper shower drain.

    Hey, I have 2 inch copper piping coming up to my shower drain that turns into 3 inch at the shower drain connection. Do they make a shower drain that connects to this style of copper drain? Without removing shower pan?
  10. bholbrook1003

    Bathroom Shower Drain

    I am a bit of a handyman, sub-contractor, and DIYer and this is my first post so don't be too harsh. I evidently have been doing good work because I keep getting referrals. I am doing my third shower from the ground up and have run into a problem. The previous plumber/installer made the drain...
  11. Sn8

    prestubbed shower drain in basement

    Hello, My basement is already stubbed for a bathroom. the pipes are connected to my main sewer drain. My question is in regards to my shower drain pipe. I need to build up the shower pan bed but need to prep the drain first. What are my options here? the builder filled in the gaps around...
  12. Chesterhandyman

    Basement Bathroom New Shower Vent Question

    Hey guys Ive been thinking of adding a shower in my basement bathroom. I have a toilet coming right off the main 4" drain. The 4" IRON comes out of the floor into 3" PVC and goes up to the roof. Im thinking of replacing the old iron toilet elbow with a new PVC 3"x3"x2" and running with 2" PVC to...
  13. hindsight

    Does this shower drain need to be redone?

    We just had a bathroom remodeled in our 102 year old home. We've identified a number of issues, and are trying to separate the "just ugly" from the "genuinely unsound". I would appreciate an experienced perspective on the odds that this shower drain is structurally stable and watertight. I've...
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