wet vent

  1. jpap

    Is this a siphon trap?

    I'm planning a remodel underneath two bathrooms (photo is looking at the upper bathrooms from below). It looks like tub trap arm is wet vented by a 2" wye going straight up to the lav above. That lav has a 1-1/2" dry vent on the upper level (and no other fixtures on the same 1-1/2" dry vent)...
  2. C

    Moving Washing Machine Drain Question

    I've been wanting to move my washing machine drain and supply lines for a while and thought I might be able to take advantage of a water damage situation in the bathroom that shares a wall. Drywall in the bathroom is partially removed, exposing all the plumbing in the shared wall. I could...
  3. JonBodd

    Wet venting through a stack under UPC

    In the picture below, can the tub/shower and toilet be wet vented through the vanity drain after entering the stack? This is under UPC in CT. Thanks!
  4. T

    Will this wet vent setup work?

    I am redoing a bathroom and am moving fixtures around. I'm wet venting the bathroom group, but just wanted to run the diagram by those who would know better than I to make sure that it is correct. Upstream of this bathroom group is another bathroom that is separately vented.
  5. Kamil

    Wet venting a toilet with vanity

    Hello everybody I have a question regarding a wet venting a toilet with a vanity drain. I would like to know which option is better in the attached sketch option a or option b for going vertical to horizontal. I can not put a long sweep 90 as I have a structural timber in the way. Would...
  6. DeRun

    Need Help! Adding Shower to Basement Half - Drain and venting

    Hi. Noobie here and thanks for the add! I'm a DIYer and want to add a shower to the half bath in basement. Not sure how to add drain line and vent. Please see pic attached. Red arrows show toilet and sink drain direction under slab. The blue circle shows where the copper vent meets slab...
  7. Oldtimm

    Venting a basement shower remodel

    Hello all, In the process of a remodel and I'm trying to wrap my head around how to vent the shower. The way I see it, I have two options based on where everything needs to be. Option A (red lines are my proposed runs): Option B: The shower trap will be too close to the wall to fork off of...
  8. Mim80

    Two bathroom groups, is this correct?

    Hello, I am renovating my home by adding back-to-back bathrooms on the second floor. I have asked a plumber to do the plumbing. He came one afternoon and then he disappeared (after the first payment), and now I cannot find him :( . I am thinking to finish the job myself but I am worrying that he...
  9. Bshmstr

    Best Option for Laundry Drain Tie In?

    I am in the process of adding a washer and dryer on the second floor of my two story home. They will be located on the other side of the wall from a bathroom group (tub/shower, toilet, and lavatory) so I have relatively good access for routing the drains and supply lines. My question is what is...
  10. LetMeVent

    Help Venting Freestanding Tub

    We are currently undergoing a master bath remodel, and want to confirm my plan for venting the new freestanding tub. The previous bathroom configuration had a corner whirlpool tub framed to abut a single vanity along each side, and the tub drain was wet vented to the lav in the vanity along the...
  11. Toffees3

    Design Review - Plumbing Isometric for Home Re-Drain

    Hello All, I am designing and will soon be working on a home Re-Drain Project. - Located in Tampa FL. - Code is 2020 Florida Building Code, so IBC / IPC 2020. - Re Drain project is adding a new main sanitary line outside of house to minimize trenching inside. - All PVC for new work. Looking...
  12. Johnny_Fear

    Attaching utility pump to odd stack

    Just had this amazing stack: Replaced with this somewhat less amazing version: I guess I have 3 questions: The new setup now has the lav (kitchen) wet(?) venting into the drain line for lavs 1 & 2 on level 2. From reading it seems like that's not per code, is it? (I think Indiana is...
  13. JoeNW

    Help Needed: Bathroom Plumbing Layout

    Hi Everyone, I'm remodeling my old house and am not a plumber. I've read on the forums and tried to make sense of the code check book. Of all the trades I've had to do during this remodel - plumbing is the hardest and I have lots of respect for the problems that plumbing professionals solve...
  14. puddi

    Wet vent question

    Suppose a shower and a sink are the only two fixtures connected to a vertical 2" pipe that serves as both drain and vent. The sink trap arm attaches to the 2" pipe above the shower trap arm, so the section between the two inflows is technically a wet vent section. According to 908.1.1 (size)...
  15. puddi

    Wet vent vs. Dry vent UPC question

    Hi I'm in California, and Sec. 905.2 says that a vent pipe connecting to a horizontal waste pipe must have its entry point above the centerline of the waste pipe. However.. there's no such requirement for a connecting waste pipe. So, what if the connecting pipe is a wet vent? If it's...
  16. farmerisland

    Fixing improper venting, old house

    Hello, This is an update/new question from my last post. My home has old all copper DWV from 1960 and earlier, with even older cast iron at basement level-down, that I'm replacing with PVC. Plumbing noise isn't an issue; I really don't want to do expensive cast. The current copper has pinholing...
  17. Oswald Tay

    Help with wet vent with toilet and shower!

    Hi, I am relatively new to plumbing, and I am simply wondering it the design in the picture below is acceptable in terms of venting and wet venting? I am renovating an old basement half bathroom. The drain for the sink is already taken care of, but I am just not sure about the drainage and...
  18. James Borjas

    Are my DWV vents adequate for a new bathroom install

    Hi all, hope everything is going well. This is in WA state. I am adding a 9' x 3' full bathroom and stacked washer/dryer to a finished space above the garage. I have attached the layout of the space and my proposed plan for waste lines and vents. Is the venting I have adequate (or...
  19. Dylan B

    Wet Vent question for slab foundation

    Two questions. If I’m using 3” for toilet run and 3” vent run, what is the longest run trap to vent for that toilet? 2nd question. Can a lavatory 2.5” run into the 3” toilet run before it connects to wet vent? I have tried to outline this in the diagram. Appreciate all the help, this has me...
  20. Bceverson

    Toilet plumbing and wet vent - remodel

    Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at my remodel and specifically toilet plumbing/ wet vent questions. The main questions are: 1. Can I: A. use a 3x3x3x3 wye with a toilet/WC on one side and a tub/shower combo on the other. I understand that the toilet should be the furthest from the vent...
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