wet vent

  1. Quarter Slope

    Is this bathroom setup up to snuff?

    I'm planning on tacking a bathroom remodel and would like some pro advice as to whether this is up to snuff or not. I've never done wet venting before, but apparently that is what used to be in the bathroom and I'm planning on slightly modifying. Originally there was a double vanity (on the...
  2. Clifford82

    Plumbing plan for an upstairs addition

    Long time reader, first time poster. I'm converting a small upstairs bedroom to a small bathroom. The layout is pretty standard as seen in my hand draw masterpiece below. The toilet and sink are to the right of the entry, there will be a clawfoot tub to the left. What makes this build unique is...
  3. flub1dub

    Wet Vent - Configuration A or B?

    I am grateful for your consideration. Is configuration A or B compliant with the UPC? I'm pretty sure A is but have doubts on B. If both are compliant, which would you prefer? Thanks!
  4. Russell Harris

    1950 Wet vent remodel options?

    Hello, I have a 1952 cast iron drain setup for a hall bath that uses a wet vent from the lavatory for the tub. In the picture below, you can see that the lav drain runs about 3ft back towards the tub then turns back into the 2" drain that is running from the tub. The cast iron is failing and...
  5. Rambathroom

    Adding half bath, rough-in seems to be there.

    I recently bought a house that was built in 1994. It is 2 stories with a 75% finished basement. In the basement, there appears to be a rough-in for half bath, which I plan to finish. There is a toilet rough-in (3 inch PVC) which looks good, with 12.5 inch from back wall, 15.5 inches from side...
  6. mrrauch

    Updating 1920s cast iron plumbing in new bathroom layout

    Hi all, I've learned so much by reading all the comments on this forum, but this is the first time posting a problem of my own! Looking forward to hearing some feedback, if you all have time during these crazy weeks! I'm remodeling my second floor bathroom (under NYC Plumbing Code, 2014 - ie...
  7. spidey417

    Bathroom DWV question

    Hi, first time poster! I've learned alot about plumbing here about using proper fittings such as long sweep elbows and combo wye's. I've attached a diagram of the two bathrooms I'm remodeling at my home and wanted to know if the Master WC and Hallway Tubs are considered wet vented here...
  8. Earthwares

    Is this ok?

    Will my drawing of wet vent work?
  9. K-Man

    Best way to wet vent a washing maching and utility sink?

    I inherited a small mess that I am cleaning up. The basement washing machine and utility sink wet vent into a 1-1/2" riser that goes thru the concrete slab, w/ an AAV -- I am stuck with that situation (these were installed by a plumber for the previous owner.) I don't know the DFU but if not...
  10. Wyeast

    Bathroom wet venting design feedback

    Looking for some feedback on a bathroom drain system that I am knee deep in -> I am building a large detached garage in Washington state with an upstairs living area which includes a bathroom (lavatory, toilet and shower). After many hours of reading this forum and the UPC, I've ran through...
  11. chad_w

    Wet Vent / DWV Design Question

    Have a question regarding a DWV system a plumber installed in a new build for me which utilizes a wet vent. Apologies for the crude drawing which does not accurately show length, but schematically it is correct. Key information: 1) PVC DWV System on 2nd story and spans 2 rooms. Bathroom and...
  12. Dan Park

    Wet venting a Powder room

    Hi everyone, Doing a plumbing drain job for a friend. We're trying to do a wet vent setup with one sink on the left, cleanout at the top, and a wall hung toilet on the right. The toilet is downstream of the wet vent 2" line you see coming from the sink on the left. The main drain is a 3"...
  13. Just Trying My Best

    Bathroom venting question

    I'm replumbing an existing basement bathroom that doesn't have vents. Does this diagram look right? 1. Can I add a shower vent to the end of the 3" main horizontal waste line just beyond where the 2" shower line meets it? Is this to code? 2. If the sink is vented, do I even need to add a...
  14. Donny H

    Wet vent code help, please!

    Hello all, I'm building a new bathroom in my house on a homeowner's permit. I'm planning to use a wet vent with a lavatory, bath tub, then toilet, in that order from upstream to downstream. So the vent will come up through the ceiling in the wall behind the lavatory. I was planning to use...
  15. xasm

    Vertical Wet vent for toilet & shower?

    Hi Guys, Just want to say that this forum has certainly helped my knowledge quite a bit on plumbing codes here in Ontario. My questions relate to the wet venting for a toilet and shower for a 1st floor bathroom master reno add. It mainly pertains to the vertical drop allowance for the...
  16. paradoxum

    Wet venting toilet

    Greetings, Great forum. I'm in the midst of a basement bathroom reno. According to what I found on this forum and elsewhere I can wet vent the WC via a 2" pipe running to the sink if the toilet trap arm is within 72" of the vent. Now, is that distance to the vertical portion of the vent, or...
  17. Phil P.

    Basement bath DWV review

    Good morning all .. I'm back to TL for a quick (hopefully) consult on replumbing a basement bathroom. Tore out an old 1950 bath and all the cast-iron involved. THAT is a good day's work and really makes me appreciate the craftsmanship (and muscle strength) of the plumbing trade in 1950...
  18. Christian123

    Horizontal Pipe & 90s or Multiple 45s in Wet Vent

    Hey All, I have an old house where I am adding a 1st floor half bath, and laundry. I am looking to Wet Vent the toilet with a 2'' sink drain. Upon descending in to the basement this 2'' wet vent will have to turn 90 degrees to point out from the wall, then an use an additional (3) street 45's...
  19. BackwardsPTrap

    Wet Vent Takeoff Argument

    One thing I'm having a hard time finding information on is how to properly connect fixture drains to a wet vent. So many diagrams I see in books and online show a wet vent setup where fixture trap arms dump into the wet vent at a downward 45° angle. This doesn't make any sense to me. Isn't this...
  20. EOProps

    Bathroom wet vent/flat vent and toilet venting

    We are in the middle of a bathroom renovation and wanted to check in on whether the existing plumbing is installed correctly. We've uncovered some interesting things and bad shortcuts that were done over the years in this house and aren't sure if the current bathroom plumbing needs to be added...
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