wet vent

  1. Matthewf

    Basement Toilet / Tub Venting

    I am looking for some assistance on how to correctly vent the bathroom I am putting into a basement. Below are some pictures of what I am proposing. Is this correct?
  2. Terry

    Reconfigure a bathroom, flipping the tub direction

    Sometimes you work on an older home that's been plumbed a few times. Last year I had replaced a tub for the home one door down from this one. A 60's home with some cast and some ABS. The existing waste to the toilet had the wrong grade on it. We decided to flip the tub drain location, fix the...
  3. Timothy Witt

    Wet Venting Clarifications

    Hey guys, thanks for the forum, it has helped me countless times. We have a question about wet venting. Every image in the plumbing codes we can find shows an offset toilet when wet venting. We want to know if there is any issue with connecting to a line directly underneath of the toilet. It...
  4. Ryanfornkohl

    Wet Vented Trap Arm Size?

    What size trap arm/drain is required for a tub/shower that has a trap arm length of 30"? The trap arm has 1.5 p-trap, runs 30" and dumps into stack. This line does not have its own vent, it is vented by the 4" stack. Reading 908.2 of 2006 UPC states, "Each wet-vented section shall be a...
  5. tropostudio

    Wet Vented Bathroom - why won't this work?

    I'm trying to get through plumbing rough-ins in a renovation of my old house, and am trying to understand why my inspector won't allow this horizontal wet vented bathroom group. Specifics: Have to follow 2015 MN Plumbing Code (UPC). No 2" trap arm that joins the wet vent portion of the drain...
  6. jba

    Wet Vent Redux and other questions

    Hi All, first time posting here but I've learned so much just browsing as a non-member. Thanks to Terry Love for hosting this site! Hope I won't be banned for life after this extended post! :-). Can anyone firm-up my knowledge of wet venting, specifically in King Co. WA (Seattle)? I think...
  7. tireiron

    Shower venting details/ dry run

    How does this set up look as far as venting the shower? Lower left is a long sweep 3 inch soil stack from upstairs bathroom above (vented straight out the roof on second floor). The 3 inch horizontal run drops vertically into the basement where it ties in to the cast iron (to the upper right)...
  8. ECCsimmons

    Wet venting layout for bathroom

    So I've been doing a full remodel of our bathroom given water damage from the last owners. I've gone down to the joists & studs. Now I'm looking at drainage/venting solutions. I've got a few plumbers coming by in the next few weeks, but wanted to get a broader range of opinions. I have a single...
  9. Nick H

    Bathroom Horizontal Wet Vent W Direction Change?

    I am remodeling a first floor Master Bedroom in Texas. The existing plumbing is buried 16-18" bellow the finished slab. There are two existing 3" branch lines connected to a 4" main exiting the home. (All shown as black lines). All turns will be gradual bends with Wye's (or combination...
  10. onelilypad

    Prepping DWV for Inspection

    We are up for a water test inspection of our addition. Since the entire 180 sq foot addition is a DIY, I want to confirm a few things (after spending hours on this forum!) before we jump into this: All of our underground plumbing is located within our slab foundation. Because of this, no test...
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