1. R

    Applying IPC 2012 Section 917 - Single Stack Vent

    Can you all show me how IPC section 917 on single stack vents could be used for two bathrooms (tub, toilet, lav) that are stacked on top of one another (first floor, second floor). My appreciation is that the code generally doesn't allow toilets to be in a vertical stack, but that you can have...
  2. R

    Bath Design (2012 IPC)

    Does anyone see a code violation with this design? My municipality uses 2012 IPC. It's for stacked bathrooms, with lav, toilet, tub/shower + a washing machine in two-story home. Slab on grade, so the lower fittings are in the earth. I'm proposing 1.5" fittings for everything except the...
  3. R

    PVC Schedule 40 & PVC DWV

    I am installing PVC for bathroom drains in a residential home that is slab-on-grade. Question 1: Should I use PVC Schedule 40 for pipes and fittings that are in and under the slab? Question 2: Assuming the answer to Question 1 is Yes. How do I transition from PVC Schedule 40 for those...
  4. G

    2nd Story Washing Machine tie into basement

    Hi, I am in the process of DWV plumbing for upstairs renovation. Originally I had the washing machine tying in upstairs, but I am going to need to move as it will affect wet vent venting of one the downstream wet vented toilets. I am not able to tie it in upstairs and so will need to tie it on a...
  5. N

    Basement Drain Layout (under slab)

    Hello! I'm a DIYer planning out our basement remodel. I'm trying to get everything all laid out before filing for permits. Location is Spokane County, WA. Code is UPC. I'm currently working on the DWV layout. I am trying to figure out the best layout for the drain system. It will all be...
  6. J

    1st and 2nd Floors on same stack. Anything I should change about this plan?

    Hi all, I am currently installing a 1st floor Bathroom. The plumbing for both floors is currently accessible so I would like to make sure this plan for drain and venting should work. The 2nd floor is a converted attic/living space so separate roof vents would prove difficult. I'm hoping to...
  7. N

    Another Vent Question

    I've scoured the forum and did not seem to find the exact answer to this question. We are doing a poolhouse and here is my proposed setup. I see that a bathroom group can have a wet vent in place to service that group (sink, toilet, shower). In the very next room, I have a washer that will...
  8. N

    Kentucky DWV testing question

    Hello - I need advice on how to test the DWV system I installed for my basement remodel. I added a drain for a wet bar that I tied into an existing drain stack that the builders roughed in for the basement bathroom. I tied in below the stub out for the bathroom sink in the attached picture. I’m...
  9. P

    Bathroom Remodel DWV and Supply Questions and Advice...

    Hi, my daughter is remodeling her guest bath on a home she recently purchased. Small, semi-functional bathroom we are trying to update and make more functional. Existing layout had a 20" vanity, toilet and big open space to tub (pic of old space). Going to be moving toilet about 10.5" toward the...
  10. T

    Single 2x8 wall for back-to-back bathrooms with In-Wall Toilet

    House has 2 bathrooms with mirrored fixtures on either side of the “wall”. Currently, this is framed as 2 separate walls with a small chaise in between. Due to the small dimensions in the owner’s bath and the framing needing to be replaced between the 2 bathrooms already, I’m considering...
  11. D

    Can a 1/4 bend be used at the bottom of a plumbing stack?

    I am very limited on space and trying to figure out what would work. The line will then travel about 8 feet and then turn vertical, then back horizontal to connect into a wye combination. happy to answer any questions.
  12. Capt. Skinny

    Proposed shared vent configuration: toilet + tub

    Toilet flushes in one particular bathroom always try their best to suck nearby traps dry. Now that I'm renovating that bathroom I want to take the opportunity to install proper venting. The attached files show the existing configuration, and my (incomplete) proposed changes. My questions are...
  13. Brian Kehlmeier

    Can a 45 degree vertical drop go directly into a wye?

    3" pipe coming over the wall. Are either of these layouts incorrect, or either one preferred?
  14. Jayjayla

    Help with DWV Layout in residential new construction

    Hello, I am building my own home in rural Idaho. I am looking for some expert feedback regarding the DWV layout I have drawn up for the place. I attempted to post this a few days ago, but did a bad job getting a good pic of the layout posted with this request. I'm hopeful I am doing a better...
  15. Jayjayla

    Please Help: DWV Layout design for new construction.

    Hello, I am reaching out for help with the layout for my DWV layout in a new construction. I am building my own home in rural Idaho and want to make sure I am keeping it simple and efficient... and to code. I am seeking the advice of the experts! It will be a small, simple home. The compressed...
  16. Will_

    PVC drain pressure test 6 psi

    The town requires an air pressure test to hold at 6 PSI for a few hours, maybe about 4 hours. I set it to 6 and after about 30 minutes it is down to 4 to 5 psi. I can't find the leak anywhere by listening or by using dish soap. I am seeing there are ultrasonic detectors $50 on Amazon, but I...
  17. Tomject

    Is there a standard for sewer depth below slab for a single story home?

    I'm converting my garage to an ADU (aka mother in-law home) and as part of the project, am connecting to the sewer in our house about 25' away. Not having designed a 1st floor bath on a slab before- I'm wondering if there is a standard for how deep I should be trying to get the sewer line when...
  18. PTMARC

    Kitchen sink drain vent

    I am remodeling my kitchen and have a new 10 inch deep stainless steel sink to install with a garbage disposer. The current/old sink drain is too high for the new deep sink with disposer and I am working through options to lower my stub out. The drain currently runs through the stud bays in an...
  19. BobinTN

    Three Stories, Three Baths, Schematic Needed for DWV

    Hello, New here and I have had a lot of building experience in my 74 years. I do have a question though -- A new house is being planned and there will be three baths basically stacked from the basement level to the third floor. So there will be three bathrooms total. The basement has a...
  20. Makemenuconfig

    Anything wrong with running a 1/4 bend into a wye?

    If I remember correctly, 45 degrees is considered vertical, so it seems like I should be able to use a 1/4 bend (with a heel to vent) into a wye like this. Does this work for a WC?
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