1. J

    Help me, I'm dumb (Delta shower cartridge issue)

    I need some help, I’ve exhausted everything I know and can’t figure this out. I’m trying to install a delta shower cartridge (MODEL#: RP46463) into r22000 valve body and no matter what I do the water just comes out full force from the shower head like the cartridge is turned fully on. I’ve...
  2. E


    This happens randomly through the year. MOST of the time the cold is cold and hot is hot. now they are switched. So that means its not a bad hookup or something because usually it works. What could be the issue?
  3. T

    Need help identifying bathtub faucet cartridge model from pre-2013 era.

    Update 6.19.23 14:27 Thread is closed, item found Hello plumbing forum members, I'm seeking assistance in identifying the model of a bathtub faucet cartridge that was installed before 2013. The previous owners of the...
  4. G

    Install Delta shower valve in space with copper vent pipe

    Ripped out shower walls and alcove tub in a renovation. Planning to install Delta multichoice universal shower valve, install asks for 2x4 blocking behind. Have installed in a previous renovation but I’m not an expert. After opening though found there is a copper vent pipe right next to existing...
  5. K

    Question about identify Shower Cartridge

    I own a newly built home in Ontario Canada back in 2016 and the tub spout was leaking recently. So the bathtub handle model trim is a Waltec 10W243. The manual for this states the cartridge model to use is a Delta model RP46074. So when I removed the old cartridge it is not a Delta cartridge and...
  6. Lvrpl

    Delta R2707-PX, Help installing new roman tub faucet valves

    I've got to put a new roman tub faucet in our master and was hoping for some advice. I'm trying to avoid soldering/sweating as I don't do it nearly enough to be reliable. To that end, I'd like to use PEX if it's a viable option. I intend to use a Delta faucet. The current valve that's being...
  7. Margeson

    Will check valve work to fool Delta scald guard shower valve?

    We have a Rinnai tankless water heater, natural gas powered, new 2021. Set to 130 degrees F. Home has good water supply 60PSI very consistent. No issues with water heater. Four sink faucets produce hot water perfectly. 2 baths have Delta shower faucets, new 2021, with scald guard. I...
  8. Conor

    New Delta 14-Series no water flow

    3 months ago I installed a new Basic MultiChoice Rough-in Valve. Capped off the tub and shower with 1/2 iron pipe then and had tile installed. When I removed Valve cover there was a lot of rust in the water. Almost a sludge. Installed new Delta Series 14 Cartridge and just a trickel or water...
  9. FirstTimeDIY

    Shower Valve Leak? Unsure of how to diagnose the problem.

    Hello Everyone, First time DIYer, trying to give it a honest go at a self-repair! The shower has been leaking for a little bit with a slow but consistent drip through the tub spout. After some reading and videos online, figured it was probably the cartridge that required a possible...
  10. Beefcake

    Help me identify this Delta model

    Looking to replace the trim in the shower. I think this is probably original stuff from 1987. Does anybody know what series/model this is from Delta, and if so, what might be compatible? Guessing my options are quite limited if there is anything compatible with the valve. Don’t want to replace...
  11. Endless Motion

    Dripping Delta Shower head, cartridge (RP46074) for 13/14 series replaced and still drips

    Our Delta shower head started dripping after being shut off and would not stop. Its a 13/14 series and takes the RP46074 cartridge which is just coming up on five years since the home was built. I purchased another Delta RP46074 cartridge and replaced the old one. After turning off the valve...
  12. Shelby Fordham

    Unable to remove Delta 13/14 Series Shower Handle Cover

    I have a Delta 13/14 Series faucet installed in 2011 and need to replace the cartridge but I'm unable to remove the handle cover. The only screw is under a cap on the end which I removed and loosened but the cover over the cartridge is stuck. I don't want to use too much force to remove it or...
  13. Selina

    Change these Delta valves

    I need to swap these valves out but am not confident in the approach. I've replaced sink valves before.
  14. TheOverThinker

    Delta Kitchen Faucet Clunks -- Then Refuses to Give Water. Whazzup?

    Is this a new automatic super WaterSense faucet? I have a regular Delta single handle kitchen faucet, no more than 5 years old. It was a warranty replacement for a prior higher quality Delta faucet. Quite suddenly, the new one refused to work. If you use it at low flow it's fine. If the flow...
  15. kfernsdell

    Switching out Delta tub and shower trim

    Recently updated my 25+ yr.-old bungalow bathroom. New vanity, fixtures, etc. All I want to do is upgrade to a new Delta tub & shower trim. I have no plan to trash my wall, and from everything I've read, I shouldn't have to. I have the Delta "classic" the inexpensive, basic model with acrylic...
  16. KDW

    How do I desolder delta tub spout adapter from copper pipe or...?

    Hi all, Novice here. I looked at various threads on this topic, but I’m still confused on how best to tackle my issue. I want to remove the brass delta adapter to put a delta slip on tub spout with a plastic insert with o-ring and set screw. I do not want to just get a different spout that...
  17. Dachd

    Delta Shower Wall Set Adhesive & Sealant Recommendations

    I'm going to installing this Delta shower wall set in a remodel project: It's a direct-to-stud wall set. The instructions show to use "adhesive" to bond the back and side walls to the studs (in addition to screws)...
  18. Pink Jazz

    Identify this Delta shower valve

    I was wondering, could you identify this Delta shower valve? I am at my grandparents house. There are two of these valves paired with the Delta pull-down diverter spouts and Delta arms, one with a 5.5 inch Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead and the other with a Moen Adler showerhead.
  19. Wackerfire

    Delta Mix Valve Tub Spout drop question

    The manual for the delta mixing valve states you can have an 8-18” straight drop with a single 90* turn. My question is that I was hoping to have an offset valve handle for aesthetic reasons but I wouldn’t want an offset tub spout (or shower head). Does anyone know if it would be acceptable to...
  20. Shivam

    Delta Faucet cartridge won't go back in

    Hello, I had a leak in the shower faucet, so I took the cartridge out, replaced the rubber and springs and now trying to put it back. But it won't fit back. I have twisted and pushed with enough force, but it just won't go in all the way. It was a little hard to take it out as well, but I didn't...
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