1. crazee_an

    Help ID shower valves, please

    Hi, we recently bought a house where the bathrooms were remodeled 4 years back. All bathroom fixtures are in chrome finish, and we are looking to replace them with nickel finish. We are looking for help in IDing the two shower valves (one is Grohe, the other is Delta), and any info on how do we...
  2. Richard Schrodeer

    Delta Freestanding Tub Filler Installation

    We recently remodeled our bathroom and decided to install a Delta Freestanding tub filler, wanting to make sure it was installed correctly we hired a plumber. At the time the floor had been ripped out, since then we installed cement backer board and tile. When we went to finish the...
  3. Jim Bassuk

    Will reducing drop from wall valve to tub spout be an issue?

    The printed instructions from Delta says 8-18" between a faucet valve and the tub spout when using a shower head and spout diverter. Can I shrink this distance to my liking since I've capped off the shower port on my faucet valve? (i.e. tub only, no shower). I've mocked things up so that my...
  4. Zachenson

    Challenging Faucet - Trouble Identify Tub Faucet

    Thanks to anyone for a guess. I am having so much trouble identify this old faucet type to get a replacement. Its currently leaking. If anyone is able to identify it and where I could find a replacement I would be extremely grateful. Or if anyone has ideas on how to get it to stop leaking.
  5. DIY_Noob

    Delta Multi-choice Valve low pressure on colder temperatures

    Hi. Odd one (to me at least) but I’m working installing a delta tub and shower. The valve is a multi choice temperature only type and I’m seeing low tub spout pressure and then when I move temperature down, shower head leaks. Anybody seen this before? Something with the cartridge? ive...
  6. Emmie123

    Need a Trim Kit Replacement that Works with Valve

    I'm having a hard time finding a replacement that will work for our old trim kit. It's a Delta, and it's one of the old valves. I have attached photos of the trim kit and valve. We replaced with a cheap product from Danco, but it is a piece of junk. Would like something that looks nicer and is...
  7. Judy

    Delta Shower Cartridge Help

    Hi guys, any idea what shower cartridge I need for this Delta valve? I don’t know the model and the only thing on it is a patent number. It’s a shower only, no tub. I’d rather not take it apart until I have the cartridge to replace. Are you able to tell just by the picture? Thanks!
  8. Klint Impson

    Delta shower faucet not getting "hot".

    Hello. I have recently installed a Delta R22000 Multichoice Faucet with a RP46463 multichoice 17 series cartridge which is routed to two shower heads in a walk in shower. I am having a problem with water coming out of the shower heads not getting hot. For starters, yes I have adjusted and...
  9. Darci

    Searching for my grandma’s super unique toilet:

    Hello, you knowledgeable people! I created an account for this, so please bear with me if my search terms are extremely novice. My grandmother built her house in 1972. It was very space race: Frigidaire Flair stove, NuTone everything, and a technicolor dreamboat to boot. Her bathrooms were no...
  10. Justfixit

    PLEASE help identify this cartridge

    I really need help finding this cartridge. I am unable to find anything about it. I know it's a Delta and says Temperature Monitor on it. I really don't want to have to replace the entire thing. It's in a tiled shower on an outside wall. Not sure why anyone would ever do that. Please help and...
  11. gac123

    Old Delta 1500 Series - Can't Turn on Shower

    I've just moved into a new place and am having a couple of problems with the tub/shower faucet in one of the bathrooms. From what I've seen online, I believe it's an older Delta 1500 series unit. The first problem is that the handle to turn on/off the water flow spins forever, i.e. there's...
  12. Danny

    Updating Delta bathtub spout but wrong nipple

    hi all, First, thanks for the approval. This is my first post. I’m certainly a novice when it comes to most things plumbing. I wanted to update my tub spout with a new trendy Delta but unfortunately the nipple pipe coming out of the wall isn’t right for the provider adapter. What’s my move...
  13. ec34500

    Delta Scald-Guard, HELP Identifying Old Delta Shower Faucet/Plate

    Hello, we are looking to update an old Delta shower handle in our new home. Most likely from late 1980s. It is in good working condition but would like to cosmetically update the look without cutting into the wall. Turns right to left with screws at the 5 & 7. Can anyone identify which series...
  14. wildhorse119

    Installed new Delta mixing valve, water keeps running

    I am in the middle of a bath remodel, and I installed a new Delta pressure balancing valve. I have everything plumbed and ready to go, and when I turn on the supply lines, water just comes out the spout tube, even with the valve in the off position. I've looked at the instructions, Delta...
  15. Terry

    Delta RP5834 tub spout installation with pictures

    Delta makes a good replacement tub spout that works with 1/2" iron pipe nipples or copper pipe. A lot of older homes from the 70's and older may have threaded nipples for tub spouts. Some newer ones are copper. This spout works with both, as long as you know how to solder copper and have the...
  16. John Barnhill

    Rental House Toilets

    Thanks for this Forum! I've learned a ton this weekend reading posts. I own a number of rental houses. All 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1100-1200 SF. I need to replace 2 builder-grade toilets (Home Depot house brand) in a house built in 1998. I went to Home Depot and decided on Delta Foundations...
  17. Lindz300

    Water to my Delta handheld isn't working

    Hey guys. Looking for some help. Just installed a new showerhead and handheld. It's got a 3 way diverter. All is plumbed correctly. Turned on the water for the shower head, it works great. Went to switch to both, only the shower head works, switched to just handheld, no water flow. Also, no...
  18. KC27

    Delta Kitchen Faucet Spout Question

    I have a Delta two handle faucet, #2276, with spray that was purchased and installed in 1997. I recently removed the spout to flush the faucet, and when I did, a plastic insert came out of the base of the spout. It looks like a portion of the plastic insert has broken off and is missing. I have...
  19. RobertF

    Bathroom Faucet Advice

    I am planning to remodel two bathrooms in my house. I am new to DIY stuff having to do with plumbing & faucets. I am mostly interested in buying faucets that are durable and easy to maintain. I do not mind paying more up front for a good faucet. I have read where a lot of people like Delta...
  20. Niccolo

    Verdict on Delta thermostatic shower hardware

    I'm considering purchasing Delta shower hardware and am interested in getting a verdict on the company broadly, and perhaps also the specific hardware. The context is that I'm having a contractor demolish and redo a tiled shower that had serious construction defects in a home I recently...
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