1. johnnieoh1

    Delta Multi Choice 13/14 series

    I have installed several of these valves. This particular valve when turned on the water immediately comes out of the shower head and not the tub spout. All of the markings in the valve and mounting bracket that shows the up position and is installed correctly. Very little water comes out of...
  2. AndrewAustin

    Delta R11000 Mistake

    I just finished the trim install on my new shower. I went with a delta set up and have both a shower head and hand held wand. I installed a R11000 as a diverter valve, but I connected it backwards. my shower head is connected to outlet 1 and my hand held is connected to outlet 3, so with a three...
  3. krandle

    Delta HIGH FLOW (UNBXHF) shower only but use for tub

    I'm looking for maximum flow rate to a tub for faster fill. The Delta R10000-UNBXHF only has the shower port. (Not sure why they don't have a high flow for a tub given the size of some of the tubs these days). I could plumb the shower port around and down below the valve to a tub spout (although...
  4. Jen24

    Warm to Scalding Hot

    Hi I'm new to plumbing repair and have a question. I have a bath tub faucet that uses the Delta cartridge RP1991. It looks like the original cartridge. I have a problem that I think might be related to (I'm thinking) the failure of this cartridge and or the springs or seals. The problem is when...
  5. LarryLeveen

    OVAL shaped sink drain

    Changing the drain and pop-up for a bathroom sink. Whoa, the hole in the bottom of the sink is not round, but rather OVAL in shape (good grief, can NOTHING be simple in this house?!). The seal from the old drain clearly shows that it has been mated (under the pressure of a locknut) into a...
  6. cmac410

    Delta Monitor

    I live in a condo that was built in 1995 and this is the original bath valve. The faucet has an intermittent drip so I am wondering if replacing the cartridge will fix it. I just replaced the faucet because the diverter broke and had my fingers crossed that it might miraculously stop the drip...
  7. Dhoerl

    Loosen clogged Delta shower handle set screw?

    I inherited a shower stall with a Delta shower temperature control handle installed up-side-down. That is, when the control is set for normal temperature, the set screw hole is facing up instead of down (a condition I unfortunately see in many places). Over time, soap and water has dried in the...
  8. BarkityBark

    Fix for Delta shower hot water problems?

    I have 2 single-handle Delta shower controls in two showers in my house and neither one regulates the hot water correctly. I've cleaned and changed out the valves (RP19804), but this did not solve the problems. In one shower, pure hot water will not come out of the shower head (it only gets...
  9. PL359

    Delta Monitor shower valve, Which model?

    The trim said DELTA on it, but I'm not sure what kind of valve it
  10. Henrysaunt03

    Delta toilets?

    Feedback on Delta Turner or Luxford? I wish I could afford a Toto but I can't. I've read about the inconsistencies with the AS Champions and Cadets so am looking elsewhere. Thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  11. Jon Green

    Delta kitchen faucet sprayer diverter clip - need tips please!

    I have a Delta kitchen faucet. The model number is 400-DST-L (Delta Classic Chrome) The sprayer hose wore out at the sprayer end. I got a new sprayer assembly directly from Delta: IRP60097: Diamond Seal Technology Vegetable Spray. The male connector end of the sprayer appears to fit the...
  12. Joe Weekley

    Delta Tub Spout Leaking

    The tub faucet in our second bathroom is leaking from the wall side whenever the shower diverter is pulled up. It only occurs in shower mode, not when the water is coming from the tub spout. From what I can see by looking under the tub/into the wall from the Jacuzzi access panels, it is NOT...
  13. Dmwesq

    Delta 17 Multichoice Disassembly

    I need to take apart a Delta 17 Multichoice shower control, and from the videos I have seen the first step after turning off the water is to pull of the front cap. I have played with it as much as I can but it won't come off. I don't want to end up breaking it, but am I missing something?
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