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I own a newly built home in Ontario Canada back in 2016 and the tub spout was leaking recently. So the bathtub handle model trim is a Waltec 10W243.
The manual for this states the cartridge model to use is a Delta model RP46074. So when I removed the old cartridge it is not a Delta cartridge and when I asked the customer service rep over the phone the model # T1612-3A on it they could not find it. (please see attached pics)

I have searched over the internet and no luck with finding the original model. So the reason why I am searching for the model is that the new Delta model RP46074 does not fit snug when pushed in. There is a little gap that is left where the grooves are suppose to connect and lock. It seems when I tighten the bonnet water does not leak but I feel that it is not the correct part as the original cartridge dispalyed in the pic.

I am hoping someone has seen this catridge and direct me to the correct manufacturer. Is it possible the trades for the builder could have used different parts for the install of the tub shower faucet?


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