1. N

    Basement Drain Layout (under slab)

    Hello! I'm a DIYer planning out our basement remodel. I'm trying to get everything all laid out before filing for permits. Location is Spokane County, WA. Code is UPC. I'm currently working on the DWV layout. I am trying to figure out the best layout for the drain system. It will all be...
  2. C

    Drain Under Slab P Trap

    I’m adding a shower drain to the basement, tying into the 4 inch main. Which layout is better (if any)? I’m running out of room below the slab for the vent line—stack up is too much. Option 2 gives more room to re-pour the concrete, but is the P-trap below the 4 inch main OK? Option 1 is...
  3. V

    Do you need a Vapor Barrier in Zone 5A Basement with rockwool insulation?

    Thank you everyone in advance. I’ve been researching this topic for awhile and have been going in circles. Here is the background: 1. Climate Zone 5A 2. Basement is all concrete block with about 18-24” above grade. 3. 1997 construction, not sure if the block is treated with any repellent, almost...
  4. S

    Venting a new sink in basement

    Hi all, trying to finish my basement and have the following question (forgive the crappy drawing). I have existing plumbing rough-ins for a shower, toilet, and a sink. I would like to add a sink and/or washer marked in maroon (bottom right). The the green upward arrows are vents for the existing...
  5. W

    Rough in drain basement layout

    I have broken up the concrete in my basement for a new bathroom. There are drains that have been roughed in by the builder, but the layout won't work for us so I'm going to rearrange. Hopefully the picture can give an idea of which way the drains are going. I've attached a picture showing the...
  6. nthpolymath

    Are these wood stains around pipes in the basement ceiling a potential plumbing red flag or issue?

    I believe they go to the second floor kitchen and bathroom. I am looking to buy this home. I usually fix things myself. Is there any tests to perform?
  7. B

    Basement grease trap to main drain blockage corrosion

    My home is from the early 1900's and I have a large main drain that is cast iron. The drains that run to that main one are the kitchen sink, the basement shower, upstairs shower, laundry and upstairs bathroom. The picture is of the grease trap drain that the kitchen sink runs to. Now I moved...
  8. K.C.

    Sump pump/basement mold

    Hi all! I am not a professional. I work in an office building that has had mold problems in the past which resulted in coworkers becoming ill. There was testing done that confirmed mold present and recommended installing sump pumps and a dehumidifier in the basement. This is what it looks like...
  9. Djford88

    Insulating Basement Cantilever and Walls

    Hello All, Looking for comments on my strategy to insulate the basement in my split foyer home built in the 1960s. Walk out on the back side with partially buried walls on the front and sides (graded up the side walls to about 3 foot buried walls in the front) living in zone 4A (we get all four...
  10. G

    Repost- Draining utility sink into main stack in basement- backflow question

    **Got spammed off the front page. Reposting for visibility. Hi plumbing pros- I'm looking to if what I would like to attempt is even possible before I submit for the permit. Work would be done DIY as the homeowner- allowed in my jurisdiction. This is a brand new bungalow (built 2022) in...
  11. G

    Adding utility sink to drain stack from main floor

    Hi plumbing pros- I'm looking to if what I would like to attempt is even possible before I submit for the permit. Work would be done DIY as the homeowner- allowed in my jurisdiction. This is a brand new bungalow (built 2022) in Manitoba Canada. Spec home so I unfortunately wasn’t able to add all...
  12. Uncgdc04

    Basement subfloor...again

    Hi all, I've read the numerous discussions about installing basement subfloors, and have especially appreciated the advice in the other threads provided by Dana. I have extremely limited headroom in my basement so I have decided on the following for the subfloor: a) 6 mil poly on slab, seams...
  13. Kenperko

    Basement Bathroom - new pipes under wall, or next to?

    I'm adding a basement bathroom, and wondering what's the best practice - to put new pipe runs in concrete under partition walls or next to them. It seems like for stubbing up, it would be better to have the run under the wall so that you don't need to have a 45 or other bend to get the pipe over...
  14. MAYOR

    Basement Plumbing Venting.

    Hello, Basement bathroom setup under concrete. Please see sketch. Will the 2" vanity sink wet vent be ok to vent toilet and shower as shown. Thank you Mayor Please see sketch.
  15. Jetboy55

    Basement floor drains, what are they?

    Hello everyone. I have these 4in floor drains in what is original rough in on my 1964 Wisconsin foundation. I want to know for sure what they are, as I plan to use the one on the right for a tub. I believe the one on the left by the water meter (with iron cap) is the cleanout for the street. The...
  16. DeRun

    Need Help! Adding Shower to Basement Half - Drain and venting

    Hi. Noobie here and thanks for the add! I'm a DIYer and want to add a shower to the half bath in basement. Not sure how to add drain line and vent. Please see pic attached. Red arrows show toilet and sink drain direction under slab. The blue circle shows where the copper vent meets slab...
  17. Jay S

    Planning slab penetrations for a basement bathroom

    I'm planning new construction, my questions involve a basement bathroom w/ a tub, shower, wc & vanity as shown. First 2 general code / best practices questions which reveal my level of experience... 1) Since 3" or larger pipes are called for under slabs, does that mean traps under basement...
  18. Katehis24

    Basement Plumbing Layout (New York Code)

    Hey guys, I'm redoing the plumbing in the basement bathroom since it was never vented properly. I cut all the existing pipes out. I re-connected a new 3-inch pvc into the existing 3 in pvc that led to the stack that goes to the street. I would like to know if everything is up to code for NY...
  19. Blollum

    Basement sink pump venting

    I am putting in a bar room with sink and 1/2 bath in my basement. My plan is to use a Zoeller 105 pump for the sink. The 1/2 bath will have a vanity sink going to a Saniflo Sanicompact upflush toilet. 1.) 1/2 Bath: my understanding is that the bathroom sink can connect to the Sanicompact...
  20. ThatGoogleGuy

    Basement rough in plumbing questions

    Long time reader - first time poster. Thanks in advance for the advice! I'm framing a basement for a friend. The house is only 11 years old, I'm impressed by the builders work, the entire house is plumbed with pex and has a very detailed manifold where practically every fixture is a homerun...
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