Do you need a Vapor Barrier in Zone 5A Basement with rockwool insulation?

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Northern NJ Climate Zone 5A
Thank you everyone in advance. I’ve been researching this topic for awhile and have been going in circles. Here is the background:
1. Climate Zone 5A
2. Basement is all concrete block with about 18-24” above grade.
3. 1997 construction, not sure if the block is treated with any repellent, almost certain if it is, it is not full height.
4. Basement is VERY dry, in the last 8 years I’ve never had any water intrusions within 1 exception (detailed in the next point). No musky smell ever.
5. The only water intrusion happened when a sprinkler line that runs against the basement wall about 7 inches below grade leaked for a VERY long time and the block got damp.
6. In 8 years the sump only had water once, this year after this 2 months of rain, otherwise it never had any water.
7. I built a 2x4 frame and it is offset from the block between 1-3 inches. This varies because this was done to offset plumbing and some walls have more than others.
8. This is a permitted construction so aside from doing the right thing, I need a sign off on insulation.
9. Mineral wool/Rockwool is being installed EVERYWHERE, walls and ceiling. I’ve installed hydronic radiant heating for the floor above the basement and in the basement thus everything is getting insulated.
10. Basement is going to be heated via radiant heat. No forced hot air is in play. I will have 2 mini-split heads that are for cooling but can be used to pump heat, however again they are not a furnace so they will not reduce humidity.

Thus, I have R-15 rockwool insulation between all the stud cavities and there is between 1-3” air behind it before the concrete block. I’m torn on having any other vapor barrier besides the mold resistant drywall that is going up in the entire space. I use mold resistant drywall everywhere because I don’t like ultralight stuff so I kill 2 birds with 1 store, mold resistant and not lightweight. I will prime the drywall with Kilz 2 primer and use regular water based paint. A little caveat to add to the equitation is there are 2 very specific rooms in the basement, a dry sauna which will also have foil membrane over the rockwool ( the room is 5’x10’ and only 1 wall is the outside wall being 5 feet wide) and another room is a steam room which is 7’x10’ which will be 100% sealed with the Schluter Kerdi-Board and Schluter ditra membrane, once again only 1 of the wall is the outside facing wall, which is the 7 foot wall. I don’t think these 2 rooms really matter but I figured I’ll add the info.

Any help on vapor barrier question would be greatly appreciated. After the rough inspections were done he asked to see insulation before the final.

Thank you so much!
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