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I have a 2011 Toto Aquia II.
It has developed a leak, I believe, at the flush valve gasket. At first I thought it was the connection for the water line to the tank.
When the water is off it doesn't seem to leak - or leaks slow enough not to notice. When I turn the water back on before a flush- the water line doesn't seem to get wet- it seems like the water is coming from above the water line connection. Access is VERY tight and its a skirted toilet - so its very hard to tell what is happening.

I think I'm going to have to pull the tank to see or do anything. With the age (and the fact that my wife once put tablets in the tank before I told her to stop) and with us having very hard and chlorinated water I'd like to pull the tank and replace all the gaskets on stuff that could leak. SO - can you legends help guide me to the parts I need? Should I replace the entire fill assembly? tank to bowl gasket? And the gaskets under the brass screws that hold the tank to bowl? Anything else? Any reason to get a new braided water line?
Also the toilet has always rocked. Its on a travertine tile floor. It has never leaked at the base. Would you pull it and shim it? Just leave it because it doesn't leak? If I pull it to shim - do I need to replace anything else where the toilet sits on top of the plastic base?

Its a lot of questions. Thanks for your help. Wish it was a traditional toilet with easy access.

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I'm not worried about the rocking on the Aquia since it has an adapter at the floor, with a rubber seal, and it hasn't been leaking.
It can be shimmed and caulked, which will make it solid.

If you pull the tank, make sure you have replacement parts first.
Anytime you remove the tank, the braided line should be replaced. They are not a forever thing.


Looking inside the ST416M tank

It would be good to have the tank to bowl gasket.
The tank bolt rubber washers can be faked. You just need to pick up washers that are the same size.
Fill valve, Korky 528T

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