1. Brent Blevins

    Toto Drake II vs Toto Ultramax II

    Years ago I found this forum and the suggestion was that the Drake was the best toilet on the planet. Now, I look at the main page and the suggestion is "Toto Ultramax II toilet MS604114CEFG". I looked at the price of the Ultramax and I am for sure not paying that much for a toilet unless it...
  2. P

    Toilet wall carrier compatibility

    I am wanting to use wall mounted toilets in my bathroom remodels but the cost for the wall mount toilet carriers is excessive. I like the Toto wall mount commercial toilets with a top bung and would like to use them with a high tank set up or with the tank mounted to the bowl. But when i...
  3. B

    Help with leaking Toto Aquia

    My water bill spiked and a dye test came out with color in the bowl of my Toto Aquia (Two Piece Model #CST412MF - Tank #ST412M). It is an older Toto Aquia, installed about 2012. Note: I am not handy. After reading up, I learned that the most likely culprit was the flush valve gasket. I got the...
  4. A

    Toto drain valve body assembly

    My Toto single piece (bowl and tank are one piece) toilet is failing to hold water in the tank. It seems to be draining into the bowl so there’s no water on the floor. I’ve narrowed it down to a leak at either the flapper or the drain valve body assembly. I replaced the flapper but that made no...
  5. Coherent

    Install a unifit on a tall closet flange?

    I have a closet flange that sits high because there's a closet flange repair spacer on top since the original cast iron closet flange rusted away. It's one of those red metal brackets that hugs the rusted closet flange. When I attach the unifit adapter, the end that's supposed to bolt down is up...
  6. D

    What's the Difference between TOTO model# CST453CEFG#01 vs. model# CST775CEFG#01

    The only thing I can find different between these toilets spec-wise is...well, nothing! I searched online and their descriptions are a carbon copy. I even called the TOTO showroom, and their rep looked and couldn't find any difference. She reached out to their techs, and said "I'll get back to...
  7. Velocityloop

    toto auto-flush

    I have a toto promenade II and would like to replace the flush valve thu451.10-10a with a thu747-a and motor for auto flush. (the seal gaskets are the same). The thu747-a is for a ultramax II and carlyle II with washlet+ single piece 1.28gpf same as the promenade II. Will this work?
  8. edronline

    Replaced Toto flush tower, now handle has too much play

    Hi -- I have a Toto Drake II 1G toilet, left hand flush. I replaced the original flush tower with a new flush tower - I can't find the model #, but it was the correct one. I replaced the flush tower in another Drake II toilet we have in our house without incident. With this newest toilet, the...
  9. AmateurHomeowner

    Gluing/Epoxying a bidet mounting bracket to toilet? Good idea or bad idea?

    Had a toto washlet for years and loved it. Bought an apartment, moved into it a couple years ago, and couldn't bring the bidet with me. I finally got around to getting a new Toto C5 washlet and realized my tankless floating Duravit toilet seat holes are too far apart for the toto mounting...
  10. B

    Toto Aquia IV vs Nexus

    I am looking at the Toto Aquia IV and the Nexus Washlet+ with the S550e and auto-flush. I want a one piece, skirted model. This website has been a great source for understanding the Toto toilets. I like the look and the dual flush function of the Aquia. However, I'm concerned about the flushing...
  11. Zelda

    Toto Toilet choice - help please

    Hello all, and thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge! About to do a primary bath remodel and have been searching for the toilet. I have narrowed it down to the Toto toilet, and these two models: CST776CEFG or CST776CSFG [I realize that the seat is purchased separately] ---or ---...
  12. Notapro

    Toto Aquia II parts for leak

    I have a 2011 Toto Aquia II. It has developed a leak, I believe, at the flush valve gasket. At first I thought it was the connection for the water line to the tank. When the water is off it doesn't seem to leak - or leaks slow enough not to notice. When I turn the water back on before a flush-...
  13. Kathryn

    Toto w/ 10” rough

    Hi! Renovating our hall bath and need a new toilet. It’s a 10” rough so choices are limited... Is Toto Drake the best option? The showroom I went to recommended - CST776CEFG Should I go with 1.28 or 1.6 GPF? Thank you so much in advance! Sincerely, Someone who does not know anything about...
  14. Archmike2021

    New Toto Keeps Clogging on large stools

    Hey Everyone! After reading through a bunch of posts on here I decided to swap my half bath toilet for a Toto Drake 1.28gal with the cefiontect glaze because it sounded like Toto toilets rarely clog. Well somehow after only having the toilet for 2 weeks my wife has somehow clogged it twice. My...
  15. TOTOenjoyer

    Toto Model Ordering Confusion

    Morning, plumbing experts and aficionados! My wife and I are remodeling our guest bathrooms and have decided to replace the builder-grade toilets that came with the house. We are looking for toilets with the following features: standard height, two-piece, 1.6 gallon flush, elongated...
  16. WDR

    Toto fill valve Leak

    I have a TOTO Drake with fill valve TSU24A. The tank will drain, fill as normal, and shut off as normal, but then, it starts a slow leak which gradually increases into the center white tube. After a few moments, it overflows into the tube. Nothing will stop it short of shutting off the water...
  17. PierreYC

    Toto Aquia I CT414M tank to bowl leak / replace TS810DV2 rubber washer ?

    Hello I’m currently trying to reinstall a Toto CT414 / Aquia I toilet, but can’t figure out how to fix the leak coming from the tank to bowl nuts connection. I have already checked the supply valve and flush 3" : they don’t leak. After two unsuccessful installations, I placed the toilet...
  18. Ayoo

    Toto Drake Incomplete Flush on Flush Quick Release

    I just had 2 Toto Drakes (CST776CEFG) installed in my house after reading about them on this forum. One flushes very quickly and how i assume it would if i just depress the flush and release. The other doesn't do a complete flush upon depressing the flusher and quickly releasing, but does a...
  19. Jaronk2000

    Carlyle II vs Legato

    I've been looking at the Carlyle II as from my understanding it is just the skirted version of the Ultramax II. Using the compare function on the Toto website I couldn't find very many differences between the Carlyle II and the Legato, but I may be missing something. I couldn't find very many...
  20. User786

    Toto CST776CSG#01 or CST776CEG#01? Any meaningful difference in flush?

    Hi, I have narrowed it down to either of these two models with the help of this forum and @Terry Thank you for the help and input. I know I do not want a taller toilet but I also know I want an elongated bowl so that's I why I have narrowed it down to these two. Now I just have to decide...
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