Sewage back up, no venting?

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Hello, I am new to this forum and know very little with plumbing besides some family knowledge and youtube. I am having a issue with water draining properly. I noticed the house I bought does not have a Vent / no AAV's in sight either.

The issue I am running into is overflow, this starts if the tub is draining and the toilet is flushed at the same time.. It can also happen if the dishwasher / sink is running as well.. Sinks also gurgle when flushed or any other drainage. No issues when one appliance is used at a time.

I have looked up and down for any venting and cant locate anywhere. My idea is to rip the bathroom wall out, tie a vent onto the toilet and shoot it out the roof and then put a AAV in for the Kitchen sink, would this work?

Note that I snaked roughly 100ft of the main sewer pipe and found no obstruction / roots, neighbors are not having issues.
Attached is my poor diagram of how things are laid out in the crawl space. Single story house.


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