1. susan987

    Washing machine drain backs up

    Drain backs up and pours on to floor. I looked at the hose but not seeing leak. Comes from drain. Thanks
  2. Fragille Bill

    Another Question about Bathroom Sink with Overflow

    I assume the black gunk below the overflow holes and above the rubber gasket is the result of drain water getting out through the overflow holes. What problems will it cause if I replace this drain with one that has no holes for overflow, other than the obvious problem of the bathroom flooding...
  3. S

    Sewage back up, no venting?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and know very little with plumbing besides some family knowledge and youtube. I am having a issue with water draining properly. I noticed the house I bought does not have a Vent / no AAV's in sight either. The issue I am running into is overflow, this starts if...
  4. Russell Harris

    Made mistake - plumber's putty on ABS tub drain threads - fix advice

    So back in July last year (2022) I installed an American Standard deep soak bath drain. I was in a hurry as we were trying to get walls closed up in the baths. I now realize that the drain assembly was ABS. Don't know why I thought it wasn't as it was black. Anyway I used the Stain-Free Oatey...
  5. J

    Overflow Drain Issue

    Hello, we recently spent a year remodeling a home built in 99. We didn’t really use any of the plumbing fixtures prior to moving in but after moving in and starting to use some of the plumbing fixtures, we noticed there soap suds coming out of both a downstairs half bath sink and the upstairs...
  6. av76

    Free Standing Bathtub Drain Angle

    We are installing a free standing tub. The overflow is in a cavity of the tub behind an access panel. The angle of the wall of the tub causes the overflow to not be vertical. This causes the trap arm to slope upwards. See the attached diagram. I see a couple options: 1. Place a couple 22.5...
  7. som

    Broken screw on overflow plate

    I know I know this is such a common thing to see but I am genuinely lost when it comes to mine because it looks nothing like any of the multiple ones I have read about I noticed my overflow plate in guest bathroom looked loose and dingy so went to remove it and it came off incredibly easy (I...
  8. W Che

    Newly repaired toilet fills inconsistently

    Hi folks. I just replaced the fill valve, overflow and flapper on my toilet and ran into some issues when testing the flush. When flushing the toilet it will usually fill to the fill shutoff level and function normally, stopping the flow of water. But for maybe one in four flushes, the toilet...
  9. NotthatCraig

    Garbage Disposer overflows into 2nd sink

    Ever since we had granite installed with a new double sink, there have been frequent explosive overflows from the garbage disposer, into the other sink. I recently replaced the old garbage disposer as it was leaking and the new one behaves the same way. I had snaked the drain and run a couple...
  10. Tiffany Herndon

    How to convert a "no hole" tub overflow drain to a 1 or 2 hole

    Hello, I need some help with my bathtub situation. I just bought this house, and I have never seen an overflow drain like this before.. I'm trying to use this adjustable overflow drain cover that i purchased to make the water deeper for when I take a bubble bath.. and I can't figure out how or...
  11. FakeGamerGirl

    Installing standard bathtub in mobile home

    Hello! We bought a flipped house as our first home (yeah we're geniuses) and the tub started peeling pretty quick. We bought a replacement tub that would fit in the space but didn't account for this new tub having an overflow opening when the old one didn't. We also didn't anticipate the trap...
  12. JimboJones

    Need to find non-standard tub overflow plate with screw holes 1.75" (1-3/4") apart

    I need to find a 2-hole tub overflow plate with screw holes that are 1.75" (1-3/4") apart, which is distance between the screw holes in the waste elbow on my tub. From shopping at my local hardware store, and looking up tub overflow plates online, it seems like the standard screw hole distance...
  13. zach90z

    Soap Suds From Bathtub Overflow New Plumbing.

    Hey guys I am trying to figure out what I did wrong and why soap foaming out of my over flow. Bathtub Drain: 1.5in P-trap: 1.5in Code: 2015 Michigan Residential Code Here are some pictures: First Attempt: Had the same issue here and a few mistakes so ended up redoing it, Second Attempt:
  14. rennisdime

    Bathtub overflow issues

    I noticed that my bathtub overflow is leaking into my ceiling..I took the face plate off to find what appears to be a threaded ear like flange for the bolts of the face plate..I have access from beneath and from behind..I can't find a single video anywhere online that is similar to my...
  15. asmad

    Overflow gasket woes

    I have an upstairs tub that was leaking at the overflow gasket during showers due to splashing. The problem is that the overflow drain pipe is not correctly aligned. There's not enough wiggle room to get it into a workable position or to access it from below or behind, either, due to various...
  16. AlaskaTinker

    Tips for snaking tub that has cable-drive drain?

    I have a tub in a rental unit with a cable-driven drain plug that constantly clogs with hair. I'm wondering what the best way is to get a cable snake in there to clean it out? I can remove the cover/handle, but the metal plate behind the handle does not have a large enough opening to allow me to...
  17. Terrence Evans

    Corian bathroom sink - overflow adapter leak

    Hi all - I'm a first timer to this forum and looking for a little advice. Also, a DIY'er and bit of a novice. I have a 20 year old Corian counter/sink in the bathroom that has developed a leak in the adapter that goes between the bottom of the drain and the pop up assembly. This adapter also...
  18. zendalex

    Basement toilet/bathroom overflow occasionally

    Hi, I have a toilet and a nearby shower stall in my basement. Both of them overflow occasionally. It seems to be happening once ever few weeks, seemingly during the weekends when we apparently use more water. In the most latest episode, it was Saturday evening and I flushed the basement...
  19. rkporsley

    Repair/Replace old overflow plate in tub?

    This house was built in the 1950s, but the plate has been as pictured since I moved in, so I'm not sure when it was added. As far as I can tell, it's hard to find square overflow plates, so I assume it's old. I'm not sure how to remove this or find a cover. It's caulked and there just a bolt...
  20. Quan Vo

    Help with washer standpipe overflow

    I am having an issue with water overflow on the washer standpipe. We clogged and there wasn't anything blocking the pipe. I tested with the water supply hose for a few mins and ran into no issue. However, depends on the wash cycle, the volume of water discharged from the washer causing overflow...
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