drain and vent

  1. S

    Sewage back up, no venting?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and know very little with plumbing besides some family knowledge and youtube. I am having a issue with water draining properly. I noticed the house I bought does not have a Vent / no AAV's in sight either. The issue I am running into is overflow, this starts if...
  2. Offguard-2

    Moving outside shower drain from dry well to storm drain

    I have an outside shower that drains to a dry well. It doesn't last long (maybe 1 to 2 minutes) before the water starts to come back up the drain. My neighbors have there outside shower drains connected to the storm drain that lets out on the street. I'd like to connect my shower drain to the...
  3. C

    New Construction Second Floor Bathroom drain and vent layout.

    Attached is the layout for a second-floor bathroom. There is an adjacent laundry room. The bathroom drain will run through the exterior 6-inch framed wall. The 10-inch floor joists run perpendicular to the exterior wall. Also attached is a simplified one-line diagram of the proposed drain and...
  4. S

    Not sure which pipe to add a a San-t to for a laundry room sink.

    I recently opened up the wall in my laundry room to rough in pipes for a laundry sink. I’m thinking of tying into the pipe to the right shown in the attached picture. Thing is, I think this is a vent pipe that runs to the second floor… but not sure. I think if I tie into the laundry room vent...
  5. Amandeep Singh

    Kitchen Drain Clogging Problem

    Kitchen plumbing is very crucial for every home. I love my kitchen but last week my kitchen drain stuck. My kitchen sink gets overflowing. Due to the weekend, I did not find any plumber. I realized the reason behind this, which is the drain pipe is small and the water flow of our sink faucet is...
  6. C

    Garage Apartment Drain and Venting Plan Questions with Diagram

    I have built a two-story garage apartment, and I am ready for running DWV pipes. I have five fixtures, which I believe are called branch intervals, so pretty sure a vent stack is required. Most of my runs, except possibly the kitchen, which is in a wall 5 feet away, are under the minimum length...

    Wet vent into toilet from non-bathroom group sink?

    Hello all and thanks for any assistance you may provide. I wanted to add a small wet bar sink to my basement. I planned / installed an AAV for venting. The problem is the drain would have to cross the vent stack from the existing toilet. Initially, I was going to keep that vent horizontal...
  8. Gbwilliams

    Main Sewer Drain Line Inverted Tilt

    New homeowner of a house built in 1996. The house has a sewage drain line that runs about 15 yards from the side of the house to the street in front. Had a plumbing inspector do a sweep of the home a few weeks back. He happened to check the drain vent outside, and found standing water. He then...
  9. Shane

    Sewer back up

    I am trying to help sort out a sewer issue in a renovation project. The pictures show the general layout. Working left to right, (2) water closets/sinks enter the double wye which was later changed to the second picture to try and alleviate the problem. The next double wye picks up a shower...
  10. Webdood90

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent design

    Hi there. I'm planning to redo all of the plumbing in my upstairs bathroom. The drains and vents are the part I'm least confident in doing correctly. I'm in Denver which uses IPC. Below is a picture of my current plumbing and the changes I would like to make. There is currently one vent for...
  11. Sem Sem

    Drain and vent

    We used to have a garden tub and drain vent pipes were running within the framing of it. We want to put a new shower and free standing tub but don't know how to route the vent from the pictures. If I was to go through joist I am pretty sure I will be going horizontally before connecting to vent...
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