Replacing bathtub shoe gasket

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bathtub (second floor) shoe gasket was leaking. could see where it was leaking from after removing wet ceiling on first floor. believe that the gasket has been bad for a long time as i would occasionally see water spots intermittently when my sons lived home. i believe it did not show up persistently since the water just drained down the shoe during their showers.

however, after giving my grandson a bath, the leak was more pronounced. i'm guessing that this was due to the water held in the shoe while the drain was closed (plunger type in the overflow pipe). plus, i don't think there was a good seal under the drain flange with the plumber's putty.

old gasket was about 1/4" thick after taking it out.

had 2 sizes at the store, 1/8" and 3/8". the 1/8" is a hard rubber but i think it is going to be too small
as far as the thickness and i don't want to put any stress on the shoe as far as changing the angle where it goes into the trap pipe section.
the 3/8" is too thick however it is not hard rubber but is more like a sponge rubber.

i do have access under the tub but would prefer not to monkey with all of the other parts of the drain (e.g. overflow pipe. trap, etc.).

i did remove the drain shoe pipe. i plan on putting a new slip joint washer when i couple it back to the area near the trap.

i understand how everything goes back together based on some excellent responses in different threads.

however a few questions:
  1. is the sponge rubber gasket OK to use as i have never seen one like this before?
  2. when screwing the drain flange back into the drain shoe is it best to be in the tub, not in the tub, or doesn't matter.
  3. should i have drain shoe (where the slip joint washer is) loosely or tightly coupled near the trap (or maybe not even coupled) before screwing in the drain flange?
  4. when screwing in the flange do i have to worry about the drain shoe rotating as i tighten the flange (i.e should someone be holding the shoe so that it can not rotate).
thanks for any guidance you may be able to provide.


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With a waste and overflow on a tub that installs with slip joint nuts, you can install the show with everything intact.
Use the hard rubber washer, not the foam.

Sometimes when children take baths, they run the water up and over the overflow at the top. That is often where I find a leak.



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1. Use foam gasket at the overflow, not at the shoe.

2. I don't think it matters, if the tub is sitting securely. I do it when I'm outside the tub.

3. Ditto to what Terry said.

4. It's better to have a helper holding the drain from under the tub. Too many rotations will damage the rubber flange.

Note: I'm still using plumber's putty, with all the disadvantages, I think it's still better than the alternative.
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