1. Lucky Leafy

    material of bathtub drain

    Why aren't the flexible pipes used in bathtub drain? such as copper hose and PVC corrugated pipes .
  2. H

    Extend faucet bathtub

    Can you tell me which extant product I need from Home Depot? see photo thanks
  3. H

    Bathtub Pitch Full Bubble?

    Hey All.. we're in the middle of a severely delayed bathroom remodel. Long story short, I noticed the tile touching the bathtub looks a bit slanted. On my 24" level placed in the middle, I'm getting a full bubble. Using a smaller level in the corner, its not that bad. While taking these photos...
  4. J

    Overflow Drain Issue

    Hello, we recently spent a year remodeling a home built in 99. We didn’t really use any of the plumbing fixtures prior to moving in but after moving in and starting to use some of the plumbing fixtures, we noticed there soap suds coming out of both a downstairs half bath sink and the upstairs...
  5. av76

    Freestanding bathtub not flat on bottom

    We are in the process of installing a DXV Freestanding bathtub. The instructions say to apply a 3/8" bead of Liquid Nails to the bottom of the tub to adhere it to the floor. The tub is not yet glued down. It feels a little rocky. The floor is flat but if I push down on one side, the other side...
  6. av76

    Free Standing Bathtub Drain Angle

    We are installing a free standing tub. The overflow is in a cavity of the tub behind an access panel. The angle of the wall of the tub causes the overflow to not be vertical. This causes the trap arm to slope upwards. See the attached diagram. I see a couple options: 1. Place a couple 22.5...
  7. iFixit

    My bathtub faucet spout needs to be replaced

    I would like to save money by doing this myself. has anyone done this job before? I found a tutorial. Would you recommend following this or have another recommendation?
  8. Vci15

    Installing New Kohler Bathtub, Vertical Pipe (Vent Stack?) in the Way

    My bathroom (house built in 2002) is on the top floor of the home (3 floors) and I was able to remove the existing bathtub and now I'm preparing to put in the Kohler Underscore 60x30 bathtub Of course with my luck there seems to be a problem. There is a black pipe (vent stack?) that is going...
  9. Cghammond77


    We have this old bathtub probably around 1970’s and I cannot stand the handles or spout. I have tried to find the brand name on any and all things in the tub, absolutely nothing. I have bought so many different brands handles and had to return. Hot is on left side, middle you turn so shower will...
  10. ian

    Finishing Subfloor 1-1/4" Out of Level

    I'm currently stumped on a subfloor issue at bathtub, see attached photo. The bathroom subfloor slopes up from the tub drain location to the opposite wall approximately 1-1/4" (wall with silver faced insulation in photo is the high point). The rest of the bathroom floor is fairly level &...
  11. nikname

    Decoupling Membrane Under Bathtub

    I intend on using a decoupling membrane (eg Schluter or similar) for the tile floor in a small bathroom and thought about running under the bathtub. Although not conventional, is there any reason NOT to put the uncoupling membrane across the entire floor, specifically under the bath tub? To...
  12. TJEL

    Water Draining Around Bathtub Flange

    I've got water leaking around the bathtub flange in my seldom used bathroom. I confirmed this by closing the drain, running an oz of water, putting some dust particles into the water, and watching where it sucked up to as the water drained out. It sucked up to the outside edge of the flange -...
  13. NTM

    Question on shimming bathtub flange

    I just put in an alcove bathtub and I am ready to shim and screw the flange into the studs. However, the front of the tub has about an inch gap between flange and studs. I can put about two shims between the gap. Should I use something else, or is double-shimming okay? Also, what size screws...
  14. A Bavier

    Bath Tub Trap sucked dry from washing machine. Fix? Pics included.

    I live in WI, in a very small town. Thanks for any wisdom you could pass to me. I'm fairly handy, but this is the deepest plumbing project I've every considered doing. I would like to fix the multitude of problems with this 1.5" PVC pipe that is highlighted in the following picture in orange...
  15. NTM

    Proper technique for setting a tub in mortar?

    I am setting an alcove tub (60x32) in a bed of mortar but I want to know the specific technique I should apply. My tub has 4 supporting feet but the manufacturer specifies that mortar is also needed. During my reading on this site, I read that Terry suggested to put piles of mortar down to...
  16. jordanbailey13

    Drain problem for freestanding tub install

    I'm installing a freestanding tub in my basement (on a concrete slab). The tub comes with an ABS expansion joint in order to drop the tub down and connect to the trap and also has clearance for an above floor rough in. In the spot that I want the bathtub to be, I can't use a traditional waste...
  17. Jim Bassuk

    Will reducing drop from wall valve to tub spout be an issue?

    The printed instructions from Delta says 8-18" between a faucet valve and the tub spout when using a shower head and spout diverter. Can I shrink this distance to my liking since I've capped off the shower port on my faucet valve? (i.e. tub only, no shower). I've mocked things up so that my...
  18. Girafdaniels

    Venting a basement bathtub

    The last element to plumb in my basement bath/laundry remodel is the bathtub drain. Like pretty much everything else, it was done poorly (or outright incorrectly!) when the house was built. The photo shows the plumbing that I’ve done in the hole that was already there. It wasn’t vented...
  19. Neil.Steiner

    Unidentified discoloration on flooring near tub and sink

    My upstairs bathroom has short wall between a tub and a sink, with a door just beyond the edge of the tub. Over the last few months, the floor just outside the door has become increasingly discolored, but I haven't been able to determine the source of the presumed water leak. I have looked...
  20. McKenzie Fish

    Bathtub handle fix

    Hi! My bathtub handle broke off. I’m trying to fix it, but I took the plate off and can’t find a way to get off where the old handle was. The brand is UPC. Can anyone help me figure this out?
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