1. J

    1st and 2nd Floors on same stack. Anything I should change about this plan?

    Hi all, I am currently installing a 1st floor Bathroom. The plumbing for both floors is currently accessible so I would like to make sure this plan for drain and venting should work. The 2nd floor is a converted attic/living space so separate roof vents would prove difficult. I'm hoping to...
  2. keb21

    Shower drain not flush with pan. Possibly installed wrong?

    This drain has bothered me since we purchased our house (2020), but it’s never caused problems or been enough of a nuisance to check it out. Our shower drain does not sit flush with the lowest point in the pan so we get some pooling water around the edges. It looks to be about 3/16" higher than...
  3. S

    Help IDing shower drain type

    Noticed a water leak coming from our second floor bathroom and I’ve got it narrowed down to the shower floor drain. I’ve got access to the drain and P-trap from the floor below but I’m having some trouble identifying the drain type with the glue that the plumber used to install the drain cover...
  4. E

    Shower Drain

    Is it ok that drain seems to be a bit elevated? Water seems to sit around the drain for a few minutes and then goes away, is this a sign of a leak or are drains designed to work like this? Thank you!
  5. U

    Drain after a freeze

    Freezing weather caused my water lines to freeze in my newly purchased mobile home. They thawed without incidence, we thought. But since, my washing machine drain backs up into both toilets and the bathtub which are quite a distance away from the washing machine. And my kitchen sink (close by)...
  6. I

    I’m so lost… Is this la drain shoe?

    fixing up an old house and the bathtub looks great other than this drain. I’m very confused at what I’m looking at as I’ve never dealt with tub drains. Ideally I want to fix it up and add hardware. Is this a shoe that’s been sealed over or is this apart of the tub and I should reseal it? The...
  7. ned8675309

    shower pipe drain placement?

    Hello, How important is the slope and placement of the shower pipe that leads to the main drain? An assistant plumber decided to route the pipe through the wall, rather than taking the most direct line, which would be from the shower drain to the main drain in a straight shot. When we asked...
  8. farmerisland

    Sewer smell from condensate line

    Hey everyone, thank you in advance for any help or steering guidance you might provide on my issue. I've been noticing on and off again sewer smell from our HVAC ducts and traced it to the closet where the setup is housed in a finished basement. I've attached a couple photos here that show the...
  9. W

    Rough in drain basement layout

    I have broken up the concrete in my basement for a new bathroom. There are drains that have been roughed in by the builder, but the layout won't work for us so I'm going to rearrange. Hopefully the picture can give an idea of which way the drains are going. I've attached a picture showing the...
  10. ShopTalk

    Stubborn Clog Removal

    This thread is for discussions on how to remove stubborn drain clogs that have not responded to typical consumer grade chemical and mechanical solutions such as plungers, hand operated snakes 8 to 10 feet in length, and common brand name chemical drain openers, e.g. Drano, Green Gobbler, etc...
  11. F

    How to Safely Re-caulk Shower Drain?

    Hello everyone, I've noticed that the seal around my shower drain appears to be deteriorating and I'm considering re-caulking it. However, I have a couple of questions before I proceed. Firstly, the material around the drain looks like silicon, but I'm not entirely sure. How can I...
  12. G

    Which layout works best for basement bathroom? 1950s house Toronto Canada

    Planning on DIYing a 3 piece bathroom in my basement and wondering if one of these layouts and drainage plans are a better option over the other or if there is anything fundamentally wrong about them. Thanks in advance
  13. C

    Moving Washing Machine Drain Question

    I've been wanting to move my washing machine drain and supply lines for a while and thought I might be able to take advantage of a water damage situation in the bathroom that shares a wall. Drywall in the bathroom is partially removed, exposing all the plumbing in the shared wall. I could...
  14. Thinly9172

    Outdoor drainage and softener backwash questions

    I have a heated outbuilding/workshop where I am planning to install a water treatment system for my drilled well. The slab on grade outbuilding has a floor drain, intended for water softener backwash. The floor drain empties 4' underground about 20' away from the building. There is no drain...
  15. A

    Shower drain relocation

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so I'll give a little background on myself. The whole Army brat moving situation gave me a unique opportunity to spend the last 3 years of high school in a vocational setting where I chose Electrical Trades. I was fully trained in electricity and worked some years...
  16. B

    Basement grease trap to main drain blockage corrosion

    My home is from the early 1900's and I have a large main drain that is cast iron. The drains that run to that main one are the kitchen sink, the basement shower, upstairs shower, laundry and upstairs bathroom. The picture is of the grease trap drain that the kitchen sink runs to. Now I moved...
  17. J

    Overflow Drain Issue

    Hello, we recently spent a year remodeling a home built in 99. We didn’t really use any of the plumbing fixtures prior to moving in but after moving in and starting to use some of the plumbing fixtures, we noticed there soap suds coming out of both a downstairs half bath sink and the upstairs...
  18. av76

    Free Standing Bathtub Drain Angle

    We are installing a free standing tub. The overflow is in a cavity of the tub behind an access panel. The angle of the wall of the tub causes the overflow to not be vertical. This causes the trap arm to slope upwards. See the attached diagram. I see a couple options: 1. Place a couple 22.5...
  19. Rob13

    Fiberglass tub leaks at drain...

    How can I fix this leak? Just replaced the whole floor and studs because of this issue. It's leaking at a notch in the fiberglass. Should I sand it down or use jb weld or both? Please, Any Help Much Appreciated...
  20. J

    The 1 in a million?

    Hi there, So, I'm beginning to think that I'm experiencing a one in a million situation.... Lol. Here's what we are up against.... Hopefully SOMEONE out there has had a similar situation... We just moved in to a mobile home that was sitting vacant for 20+years. Drains were an issue from day...
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