1. Patman2k


    Hey everyone. My tub shoe isn’t directly lined up with the tub (I’ll post a picture). It being off that little bit is causing the shoe gasket to be tighter on the left side than the right and I believe (can’t get directly under the tub) that is what’s causing my leak. I would think since it’s...
  2. John Everett

    Tub drain outlet rough / uneven / broken -- can not seal

    Hi Everyone, I have been struggling to seal a second story tub drain after I noticed a leak in the ceiling drywall. The bottom of the fiber glass tub is rather uneven and one side of the outlet appears to be chipped away (see photo). I tried using silicone to attach the drain washer but this...
  3. gwa000

    Replacing bathtub shoe gasket

    bathtub (second floor) shoe gasket was leaking. could see where it was leaking from after removing wet ceiling on first floor. believe that the gasket has been bad for a long time as i would occasionally see water spots intermittently when my sons lived home. i believe it did not show up...
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