Plumbing Issue with Bathroom Tub

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Saint Petersburg, FL
I have some major plumbing issues. Everything from the toilet, to the kitchen sink to the bathroom sink, to the tub doesn't work.

At this point I would be content with at least me bathroom tub plumbing working. I have tried Instant Power
that supposedly dissolves "disuelve" Hair & Grease. (Which is guaranteed to work on the toughest clogs.)
I let about 2 cups of this soak over night. The next morning the water level went down a bit but then stopped going down. I then tried a little more --like 4 cups--still it was clogged.

Just recently I went to Ace hardware and got 2 1 quart bottles of Liquid Heat and poured a whole bottle of it into the tub which according to the directions I'm supposed to wash down after 15 minutes with cold water. Now, really I can't do this because it's still clogged up. It appeared to go down a little after about an hour but that was it.

According to the maintenance person of the mobile home park the clog is on my side of the mobile home and not outside of it. The pipes from what I have seen so far are white plastic and I know the mobile home itself is at least 8 years old.

The end of a snake is too think to go down the tub drain.

Besides calling a plumber is there any thing else I can try to get it unclogged???

James Henry

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Billings, Montana.
If you have a two way clean out outside your trailer you can go through there.


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