No Toilet Flapper Valve Seat

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Jim Miesner

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Rochester, New York
One of our toilets started leaking (I did the food coloring test and found it was leaking into the bowl).

I replaced the flapper a couple of times but it's still leaking. Probably because the toilet is old and there is no flapper valve seat. You can see the inside of the tank here. The flapper just rests against the bare porcelain.

Because of the way the tank is made with the overflow tube built into it, I can't use a kit. All the kits I saw need that space for the overflow tube, and if I can't put in another overflow tube then I can't put in the attached valve.

Does anyone else have this conundrum? I expect the porcelain is no longer smooth and the water is slowly leaking through. How do you fix that? Should I lightly sand it? Or is there a cement-like compound I could rub over it that would smooth it out?

I'm eager to hear your opinions. Please help. I can't go on living with hearing this toilet bowl refilling every five minutes. :)

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