1. solidcell

    Help identifying a supply shut off valve

    I was shutting off the water supply via the shut-off valves shown (circled in red) in order to replace the shower valve cartridge. However, they're in pretty bad shape and leaking a bit as I was turning them to the off position. I need to find replacement stems for them, but I'm not sure how to...
  2. S

    1” or 1.25” valve - conflicting info.

    Hi, the water line in my house is 1.25” after the pressure regulator (Larger from the street). For what it’s worth, the water heater is 1”. The house has 4.5 bathrooms. 2 people unless we have guest. I’m planning to buy go with a clack softener. My understanding from UPC is that I should use a...
  3. Mjmonty75

    Mysterious Diverter Valve Issue: Shower Diverter Keeps Moving to Closed Position

    Hello, I am having an issue with my shower and I was hoping to get some advice on what could be causing it. Every morning, I make sure to push down the diverter valve after turning off the shower valve. However, lately I have been noticing that the diverter valve is being found in the closed...
  4. 729zoom

    Pipes protruding past front of wall studs 1/8"

    I just discovered the pipes run to the tub/shower valve stick out past the studs below the valve and above the valve before the pipe goes back more inside the wall cavity about 1' up. If the tile guy was planning to use backerboard, I believe this would pose a problem but if he floats the wall...
  5. Phantomracer

    Symmons shower/tub valve - low volume and little hot water

    Having an issue with the Symmons shower/tub valve (shocking I know) . The volume of water/pressure is low, and the temp does not get very hot. The diverter (ta-25a) was stuck, so I removed it. it is working now (unrelated but I wanted it fixed) Removing the shower head, the volume of water...
  6. jackieonly43

    Moen, Unknown shower brand...

    No make or model... its a single handle. I already removed handle and was able to unscrew the back plate, but don't know what to do next. I tried pulling it, but without more knowledge I didn't want to force it. Any ideas what to do next?
  7. Reesa

    MOEN shower valve identification

    I have been working on this shower for a long time and am completely stuck on the purchase of a new faucet/trim kit. I threw away the old hardware already which I will never ever do again. Please help. Is this the MOEN 2400? I have already purchased a 1200 replacement cartridge that I think...
  8. Whitall

    Another Moen retaining clip thread!

    Hoping a new post brings fresh ideas. I have a 25 year old Moen positemp bathtub /shower faucet. It's been dripping for years so I finally decided to tackle it. I had waited because there's no shut off valve and I was afraid to shut off the whole house in case I screwed it up. Got my cartridge...
  9. Shinysquid

    Need to replace a valve on a short PEX pipe- any hope to DIY?

    Hello - I found an issue with my water intake valve where there is a drip from the valve when the water is on. It drips from the right most side of the valve where there is a horizontal line/cutout. The valve seems to be one solid piece with no removable parts so I think my only fix for this is...
  10. NomicEnvy

    M-Core, Does twin ell replace valve separation specs for no stacking leak?

    Hello, longtime lurker here with my first post! I'm a DIYer plumbing a tub/shower with Moen m-core parts. I had intended to follow the layout in the first image from Moen's online design guide, which caps the shower port and includes a twin ell. However, the instructions with my mixing valve...
  11. Selina

    Change these Delta valves

    I need to swap these valves out but am not confident in the approach. I've replaced sink valves before.
  12. Eclecticmn

    What valves to use for hot water cast iron radiators?

    I have a hot water cast iron radiator system. It has separate supply and return pipes. My kitchen had slant fins that never got warm. I do not want to rehash that issue. The kitchen had not seen heat since at least before 1998 I recently learned. In a desperation to troubleshoot I cut the 3/4...
  13. Timothy Miller

    AAV Location or placement under Kitchen sink?

    In this situation, is the current location of the P Trap in relation to the AAV valve correct, or must the P-trap be below the base of the drain pipe?
  14. Letsfixit

    Shower Valve knocks and turns off water to a dribble HL - 40

    I have a glacier bay HL-40 shower valve that started acting up. (i assumed it was the valve) When I turn it from cold to hot it starts off fine and then at a certain point *clunk* it makes a clunk noise cutting off the flow of water and dribbling water out. I replaced the valve. Same issue...
  15. EddyEddy

    Valve hammering

    I have a five valve irrigation system. Four of the five work perfectly. One, when it "turns on" (in sequence, it is the third zone of the five) knocks/hammers unstoppingly until I shut off the zone. Since the system is at least 15 years old, I suspect that particular valve is the problem. I can...
  16. Jianan

    Moentrol, Valve identification help!

    Will someone please kindly help me identify this shower/tub valve?
  17. Alfina Shaikh

    Plug Valve for Bathroom

    Hello everybody, Hope you all are going well. I have a metal plug valve and I wants to use it in my bathroom. Is it possible to use it?
  18. Vdawg

    Replacing shutoffs on PEX-A

    I'm considering purchasing a production home that will be built with PEX-A. The builder appears to be using Accor shutoff valves, which I'd plan to replace fairly soon after moving in. But I could foresee an issue with the stub-outs being fairly short meaning simply cutting off the old valve...
  19. Pink Jazz

    Identify this Delta shower valve

    I was wondering, could you identify this Delta shower valve? I am at my grandparents house. There are two of these valves paired with the Delta pull-down diverter spouts and Delta arms, one with a 5.5 inch Moen Engage with Magnetix showerhead and the other with a Moen Adler showerhead.
  20. JohnnoAndy

    Shower and tub buzzing sound

    Hi folks, my first post... Thanks for having me! I recently purchased a new house and both my shower and tub on the top floor are making a strange buzzing sound that comes and goes when water is running. It's only on cold to middle, not on hot. It's an american standard faucet, and I've...
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