1. M

    Bathroom Remodel Options - Double Sink Vanity & Drainage

    Hi All, First time poster and first time remodeling a bathroom. I'm looking to add a double sink vanity where there used to be just a single sink. As shown in the attached images, the old drain pipe came out of the shower wall and through the side of the old vanity (Image 1) with no vent or...
  2. Rodsgal

    Bad smell in new addition

    A few years ago we added onto our house. The addition now sits on part of what was the backyard. The sewer clean out pipe is now covered by the addition, but it was capped off and relocated by a professional plumber. Each fall when the temperatures begin to drop a bad smell comes from that...
  3. Vci15

    Installing New Kohler Bathtub, Vertical Pipe (Vent Stack?) in the Way

    My bathroom (house built in 2002) is on the top floor of the home (3 floors) and I was able to remove the existing bathtub and now I'm preparing to put in the Kohler Underscore 60x30 bathtub Of course with my luck there seems to be a problem. There is a black pipe (vent stack?) that is going...
  4. Katehis24

    Basement Plumbing Layout (New York Code)

    Hey guys, I'm redoing the plumbing in the basement bathroom since it was never vented properly. I cut all the existing pipes out. I re-connected a new 3-inch pvc into the existing 3 in pvc that led to the stack that goes to the street. I would like to know if everything is up to code for NY...
  5. Webdood90

    Bathroom remodel, drain/vent design

    Hi there. I'm planning to redo all of the plumbing in my upstairs bathroom. The drains and vents are the part I'm least confident in doing correctly. I'm in Denver which uses IPC. Below is a picture of my current plumbing and the changes I would like to make. There is currently one vent for...
  6. Bshmstr

    Best Option for Laundry Drain Tie In?

    I am in the process of adding a washer and dryer on the second floor of my two story home. They will be located on the other side of the wall from a bathroom group (tub/shower, toilet, and lavatory) so I have relatively good access for routing the drains and supply lines. My question is what is...
  7. RMWM

    New shower reduced pressure-GrohFlex

    Forgive my novice here, I'm a homeowner of a house with some strange plumbing issues so have used this forum for advice several times in the past, but wanted to ask the experts. Just had my bathroom shower remodeled (handheld and showerhead, no tub). Had no issues with water pressure in the...
  8. JoeNW

    Help Needed: Bathroom Plumbing Layout

    Hi Everyone, I'm remodeling my old house and am not a plumber. I've read on the forums and tried to make sense of the code check book. Of all the trades I've had to do during this remodel - plumbing is the hardest and I have lots of respect for the problems that plumbing professionals solve...
  9. PerryNotMason

    Adding a 2nd floor bathroom - venting and drain questions (see diagram)

    Greetings, and thanks in advance for any input! Novice plumber (but quick learner, i think) here. I purchased a 1923 house recently that had a leak coming from the toilet on the first floor. Subfloor was rotten, and has since been replaced. There was a hole in the old lead(?) flange, and so I...
  10. Justin_P

    Moving Drains Under Slab

    Hi, I'm remodeling an old bathroom built in the late 70s and am swapping out the cast iron tub for a new, larger walk-in shower. I am moving the shower drain from the tub location to be centered on the shower floor. I also need to move the toilet over to make room for the new shower. I just got...
  11. hbarkley

    Will my plumbing remodel work (horizontal wet vent)?

    Hey everyone, I'm at the plumbing stage of my DIY master bathroom remodel. I have some questions/concerns with how I've organized the layout for the fixtures. The information is in the pictures below. For reference, I live in North Carolina which I believe follows the IPC. I'd prefer to...
  12. Rich_Davison

    80 year old bath remodel

    Bath remodel on 80 year old house. Southwest Michigan This house was apparently built before public utilities and the bath added when public water and sewer arrived. It essentially unchanged since then. I have included sketches which I hope show clearly my intentions. Basically new fixture...
  13. Yazen

    Basement Bathroom Remodel Venting questions

    Hey all, First time posting from Lynchburg, VA. Did quite a bit of reading on IPC codes and what my options are for doing a basement bathroom remodel from a half bath to a 3/4 bath. I have added a lot of pictures because the current rough in piping doesn't seem to make sense to me...I can...
  14. Cory Simonson

    Venting outside an exterior wall

    I'm not a pro plumber, but I've come to respect your trade immensely as I've remodeled my 100 yr old home over the years. My current project involves turning a room that is not a bathroom into a bathroom. I've got ample attic space above the proposed bathroom, but finding a clear route up to...
  15. Geoff Rhodes

    Do I need more venting? Bathroom remodel

    I am remodeling my bathroom, and I have run into a venting issue (maybe?). My original plumbing was all copper with soldered brass joints, and was laid out as shown in this picture: There were no auxiliary vents leading from the sink or shower back...
  16. chuc

    Shower system help

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for any help here. We are doing a bathroom remodel and I feel like everyone I talk to gives me a different answer--even employees at the same plumbing supply store. I'm hoping to arrive at some sort of consensus. Our bathroom is completely torn apart, but here is a...
  17. Interior Designer

    Cracked Concrete Mortar Shower Pan Pour

    Hello Friends with Good Advice, I am in the middle of a tub to shower renovation. 1. Plumber dug (10" x 18" ) concrete hole to access drain. (Plumber said NO COVER was needed over the hole. Said vinyl liner with concrete would be solid.) 2. I covered the open hole with a (24" x 48") piece...
  18. Dann0

    Help with Roman Tub drain

    All - I need some advice on how to handle a drain connection. I am starting a DIY remodel on an old roman tub (1970's) and need some advice and ideas on how best to connect a new freestanding acrylic tub to existing roman tub drain. I'm trying to minimize any demo work or digging into or messing...
  19. Jason Vogt

    Is a shallow sewer line grandfathered in for a remodel in Ca.?

    Hello, new to the forum. Have gone through the permitting process and have started demo on a 38' by 34' RV garage in the back yard to convert to an ADU with a kitchen and relocated bath room, built and permitted with the house in 1983. Had the plumber come out yesterday for the new plumbing for...
  20. RockinRobyn

    Can I tie a plumbing vent into a heater vent?

    Hello, I've searched the internet and found your blog so I thought I would ask the question here. Doing a remodel and wanted to double check to see if this was ok... Can I tie a plumbing vent from a new bathroom into my heater vent to exit the house and vent out of the roof? Thanks!
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