1. Summer Robinson

    HELP DIY cannon

    I'm trying to build multiple confetti cannons for a gender reveal, and need help with the release. I am familiar with using ball valves, but in this situation I will be the only one with the cannons at lift off and need advice on how to devise a way of turning multiple at once. I have explored...
  2. Dylan

    Sump Pump plumbing connections

    I have a small landscaped area that pools water and has some seepage from the groundwater. The sump pump is the Zoeller 108-0001 craw space kit with the M53 pump, slotted pit, and 1 1/2 inch connections, and I got the Zoeller 30-0181 check valve. They'll be arriving Friday and I want to make...
  3. Shmauds

    Bathroom plumbing and venting- replacement of cast iron

    Hello, I am renovating my bathroom in my home built in 1936 (1960's remodel?) It currently has 4 inch cast iron pipe for waste line that is starting to leak and corrode at the joints. I am wanting to replace the old pipe with pvc and want to make sure that the basic routing of it is up to code...
  4. Rogue Chevalier

    Has code regarding PVC for drain/septic changed recently for Chicago?

    I own a 2 story 4 unit building and recently renovated one of the units. Per code for multi-units, we used all copper throughout, even on the septic and vents. Of the reno, this was by far the costliest part and decimated the budget. Shortly after, I was walking the neighborhood and stumbled...
  5. Jamy

    New water line 1000 feet long

    Running a 1000 feet of new water line (pvc]. The meter has been installed but with the recent rain, is under water due to the hole that was dug. My question is, since I can't see the connections; what do I need to connect this pvc line to the installed meter? Not A Plumber ......
  6. sagrr

    [pics] I replumbed my toilet drain and didn't do a perfect job making it level. Should I redo it?

    I'm not great with the PVC joins. imgur link I'm thinking that the wax ring or this thing that I might use, would eat up my error. Do you think I'm okay or I should redo the whole thing? Should I just heat gun it and bend it a bit?
  7. gadolphus32

    Capping black iron radiator pipe with PVC

    I removed a hot-water cast iron radiator in my attic and need to cap the pipes, which are 1-inch black iron. As detailed in this thread, I can't get a black iron or galvanized cap to screw on, apparently because of issues with the threads on the pipes. I was able to get PVC caps to go on and...
  8. Daryle Lewis

    Cracked PVC 90 undergound

    Hello all, I am needing some advice. First let say I am very familiar with plumbing. Grew up doing it with my dad. However, I fortunately do no have to make many repairs, but today is the first of this kind for me. My fiance came outside her house and water was bubbling up out of the ground...
  9. Tintin

    Connecting PVC to ABS and Fernco for an adapter

    I'm trying to connect a PVC bathroom sink trap to ABS drain pipe in the wall. The PVC is 1 1/4" and the drain is 1 1/2". So, I have a couple of questions--can I make this connection with a Fernco and do they have a transition size adapter or because it's flexible would 1 1/2" work and I could...
  10. kbkbkb

    Pressure testing new outflow PVC .. can't find leak to save our lives

    We have soaped multiple times, caught all the big leaks, but still can't find the apparently still existent small one(s). We even tried just adding a layer of glue to every joint and that didn't work, either. We're running out of ideas. Interested in hearing your suggestions and stories. When...
  11. Soparklion

    PVC to Cast Iron for toilet drain

    I had a broken toilet flange. I cut off the old lead drain pipe, leaving a 1.5" stub before the cast iron fitting. How should I connect the new PVC pipe? I tried to link pics of the possible solutions. Use a shielded 4" Fernco coupling to a PVC 4" to 3" reducer, then 3" PVC pipe...
  12. Loneriver

    Attaching new PVC drainpipe to copper stub out

    I just removed an old bathroom vanity, sink, and plumbing back to the wall in a house built in 1964. The existing connection from the wall was a brass piece that threaded into the stubout. The existing drainpipe was chrome and was sweated in to the brass piece. I am not going to sweat any new...
  13. Odysseus

    Cooktop exhausts through thinwall tube though foundation. rainwater problem

    I am a DIYer, so your kind patience appreciated. We just move into a new (to us) existing home which has a downdraft cooktop in the kitchen. The 4" downdraft exhaust goes down into the cabinet the space beneath, joins to a 6" thinwall PVC tube coming up from the foundation, then makes a...
  14. Jason Ram

    3 Inch copper waste pipe cracked and leaking.

    Hello All, This is my first post but I have been browsing the tutorials and DIY section for a bit. I recently noticed water leaking through one of the door jambs in our house. I took my time and tracked down the leak before drilling or cutting. I found the leak in the three inch copper waste...
  15. FeelingDrained

    Bathtub Drain Tie-In - Help Needed!

    First, I just want to take a moment to thank Terry for this wonderful and informative forum! Although I have some remodeling experience, I have been reading quite a bit over the past few days, and have learned a great deal. Thank you! Now, on to the problem at hand. Last week we discovered that...
  16. FeelingDrained

    Bathtub Drain Tie-in - Help Needed!

    First, I just want to take a moment to thank Terry for this wonderful and informative forum! Although I have some remodeling experience, I have been reading quite a bit over the past few days, and have learned a great deal. Thank you! Now, on to the problem at hand. Last week we discovered...
  17. GeorgeF

    How should this humidifier overflow be plumbed? (pics)

    1 year ago as we were buying this house, we found the pvc tube for the humidifier overflow was full and leaking into buckets (see old.jpg). The seller agreed to fix and his HVAC company installed a "V" looking trap (see new-trap.jpg). Fast forward a year to today when I again found the pvc...
  18. Nyrik

    Plugged 2" copper drain

    Can anyone tell me if it is more common to find a 2" copper drain plugged or a 2" PVC drain? Also, Should I just replace the copper drain pipe with PVC? Thanks!
  19. Deavon Walden

    Fixing Pipes in Basement Under Kitchen Sink

    New to plumbing work, but incredibly interested in anything DIY. Only problem right now is money, but I know it's cheaper to fix things myself, rather than pay a professional to do something I could learn to do myself...that being said, here is my problem: We had our pipes snaked a few weeks...
  20. Flapper

    Ingredients of Cements and Primers

    Oatey Regular Clear PVC Cement: Tetrahydrofuran, Acetone, PVC Resin, Cyclohexanone, Methyl ethyl ketone Oatey Medium Clear PVC Cement: Tetrahydrofuran, Acetone, Methyl ethyl ketone, PVC Resin, Cyclohexanone, Fumed Silica Oatey Heavy Duty Clear PVC Cement: Tetrahydrofuran, 2-Propanone...
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