1. ScrewItUpYourself

    Securing vent stack

    I have a utility sink in my basement that sits along a concrete wall with a footer. Since I can't run the vent stack within or directly against the wall, I ran the P-trap sideways with the vent stack running a few inches (about a hand's width) off the wall along the side of the sink. My...
  2. Nick at 940

    Sink PVC re-arrange to fit garbage disposal

    I am tackling the task of installing a garbage disposal in my kitchen sink. As I neared the end (mounting the actual unit), I discovered it will not fit with the current PVC arrangement I have underneath the sink. Can anyone shoot me some advice for how to configure and what I will need to get...
  3. Robert Leise

    PVC, What type of fittings/solvent do I need to use

    I am a third year plumbing apprentice swapping out a vacuum breaker for a side job. I do commercial work and am not familiar with the irrigation supply line. 1” IPS PVC1120 SDR 21. (Photo below) I need to offset over bc the vacuum breaker outlet is on the opposite side of the old one. Not sure...
  4. JohnG127

    PVC pipe cap

    I'm capping a 4" PVC 2729 pipe, the cap has 3 marks, Sty 2852, PVC 3034, and ABS 2751. What would be the best cement for that?
  5. Dave Mescher

    PVC pipe separated, can I just clean it and glue it back together?

    My plumbing experience has been limited to replacing some of the hardware in my toilet tank, and fixing a leaky trap (by replacing the trap, sink faucet, and drain pipe to the wall). I haven't worked with PVC pipe at all (yet). Apologies if I misuse any terms, I'm not a plumber by trade. In...
  6. Scottq

    Leak from drain in basement, Coming from Washer/Bathroom?

    I've noticed a leak coming from a PVC pipe visible in my basement. Water seems to be coming down the outside of the pipe, but is difficult to see where exactly because the pipe disappears into the floor (basement ceiling). This will be a drip, maybe one drop per few seconds. I can run toilets...
  7. BenRVT

    Joining Copper pipe PVC/CPVC

    Today I saw a 1.25 inch (inner diameter) FPT X FPT PVC coupling joining two sections of copper pipe. I know typically if your going to join copper and PVC (with threads) you should use male PVC and female copper. I've never seed one PVC coupling joining to copper pipes. Is this allowed, or is...
  8. LawdElpus

    CPVC for venting EXHAUST oh no you didn't!

    4 story condo. Built in 2005. All the exhaust vents for WH and Furnace are CPVC and some are turning brown. WH installer refused to hook up new one until the CPVC gets replaced. It sounds like even PVC will be a no-no soon. 2 families are suing over CO deaths attributed to CPVC. We have to RIP...
  9. CarlPorter

    Will 4' PVC used as downspout discharge freeze?

    I am planning to bury my downspouts and push them to the front of the property using 4' PVC. However, I live in Michigan and the one thing I'm worried about is the pipe freezing and breaking. I'm thinking that, if I'm pitching everything correctly and I have a drain hole on the low side (where...
  10. Jackson882

    Irrigation. Tap into main line

    I am wanting to install a sprinkler system at my house. I have 3/4 PEX coming from water meter into my house. I was wondering the best way to tap into this line. I want to run PVC for the sprinkler system so I will need some sort of 3/4 PEX fitting with a tee for the PVC to run off of. Can...
  11. Sunnyday

    Dripping in drain pipe under toilet.

    Hello. Looking for a little advice. Just replaced a leaking Sloan flushmate system. Water was leaking into tank from a hole in the old flushmate. Relatively easy install but now that the new one is in I am hearing a dripping sound in the cellar under the toilet. Sounds like it’s in the PVC...
  12. susque70

    Pipe failure from mini-split A/C install

    I'm a home owner that received a very unpleasant call while vacationing in Yellowstone from our dog sitter informing us that our downstairs bedroom ceiling had collapsed. repairs needed to the plaster ceiling, two plaster walls and hardwoods in need of refinishing. i am grateful the damage...
  13. mattegel

    Sewer pipe to city sewer miss aligned

    I am working on buying a house in Normal IL. I had a sewer inspection done and they found that the pipe running out to the city sewer is not aligned (see photo). Is there a code some where that indicates the allowable offset between two connecting pipes? If so, can you give me a link to it. I...
  14. EdibleMarble

    Re-prime and re-glue a fitting?

    Hi, Relatively new DIYer here looking for some help. I was setting up drains in my vanity earlier when I slightly knocked the main drain coming up from the floor, and I felt it pop out. Sure enough one of the fittings came loose. I had primed and glued it myself so I know it never should have...
  15. MichiganDIWhy

    How to correct tilted closet flange pipe

    Hello all I am renovating my bathroom and have a question on how so solve the titled problem. Bought the house as foreclosure, toilet leaked, hired a plumber during initial renovations to fix it. No leaks since but there I have to have a plunger next to the toilet constantly. Required repeated...
  16. mf915

    Connect PVC to 3" corrugated drain

    I have a few PVC drain pipes (3/4" in and 1.5") coming out of the house. I would like them to connect to the 3" corrugated drain pipe. I know I need a few of the 3" corrugated tees. Just having trouble finding the adapters to connect the 3/4" and 1.5" PVC to the 3" corrugated tees. Need...
  17. Antil

    Am I allowed to glue ABS and PVC pipes together in Bloomingdale IL.

    Am I allowed to glue ABS and PVC pipes together in Bloomingdale IL.
  18. baskervi

    Repair drain pipe with epoxy on the outside

    We have a damaged 3" PVC pipe a few inches from a cross fitting. Everything is dug up, the hole is found, and the tree root is removed, but I was wondering what the possibility of using epoxy putty on the outside of the pipe to fix the problem area. The hole is approximately 3/8" wide by 1.5"...
  19. Tdaimler

    Plumbing newbie: Replacing a rotted out cast iron shower drain pipe.

    I'm usually pretty good at handling small DIY projects that pop up. But plumbing, beyond toilet flappers and minor sink repairs, has not been a challenge for me yet. Looks like that is about to change and I am wondering if I can get a little advice! My basement is unfinished except for some...
  20. lgd63

    Renovation - backpitch under toilet

    Hello - I live in a very old home that is full of cast iron and lead bends. As such, I had a number of leaks and plumbing issues in my one bathroom (hence my ceiling) which is located on the second floor of my house. No one was able to repair our issues after many tries. So we decided to gut the...
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