1. J

    No clue what kind of nut this is or how to remove it. Trying to replace kitchen faucet. Would appreciate the help

    Hi, I’m trying to replace an old kitchen faucet as I already received a new one, but I have no clue how to remove the nut and pieces holding it in place. I don’t know the brand or how to even look on getting it off.
  2. Mark1400

    Double kitchen sink clogging issue

    The attached picture shows how my double kitchen sink is plumbed. The left sink is only used for drying dishes, with only an occasional cleaning/rinsing of the sink. The garbage disposal on the right is used sparingly - plates are scrapped before a quick rinse so only minimal small food scraps...
  3. B

    Basement grease trap to main drain blockage corrosion

    My home is from the early 1900's and I have a large main drain that is cast iron. The drains that run to that main one are the kitchen sink, the basement shower, upstairs shower, laundry and upstairs bathroom. The picture is of the grease trap drain that the kitchen sink runs to. Now I moved...
  4. pkirkovsky

    Double sink, disposal, dishwasher, 70s house - was this done correctly?

    Hello! Our kitchen sink recently developed a small drain leak due to old & cracking fittings, and I'd like to do an overhaul. After looking at some posts about this setup, I am starting to wonder whether the plumbing was done correctly when the house was built. Based on other posts it seems...
  5. quantumbass

    Venting and routing for a recovery replacement of pipes

    Hello, I had to have my original copper drain pipes pulled, and I am trying to pick up where my house was left after someone bailed on me. The short of it was that a copper 2" pipe went through the HVAC return duct right over the HVAC main stack with a failing joint there, so it was supposed to...

    How do I unscrew my WaterRidge Topmount kitchen sink faucet? With picture.

    I'm trying to replace my kitchen faucet but I can't get it unscrewed because the metal around the fastener blocks both sides of the fastener holding it down. I'm sure it's simple, but I can't figure it out. Thanks.
  7. Samyverner

    In need of help identifying kitchen faucet brand

    Pictures of faucet here: My wife and I were recently remodeling our upstairs unit after the tenant moved out and replaced the kitchen sink basin. The faucet, however, was just fine so we kept it. Unfortunately, in all the commotion, we lost the nut connector. We’ve tried all our local...

    Kitchen sink drain vent

    I am remodeling my kitchen and have a new 10 inch deep stainless steel sink to install with a garbage disposer. The current/old sink drain is too high for the new deep sink with disposer and I am working through options to lower my stub out. The drain currently runs through the stud bays in an...
  9. Potatoes

    Kitchen sink venting?

    Hello. We recently removed drywall from water damage done to a laundry room and kitchen. Both the laundry room and kitchen are on the first level of a raised ranch home. The kitchen sink does not have vent close to the p-trap. The kitchen drain connects to the laundry room sink where there...
  10. Runzwsizzorz

    Water pressure

    We are in a 2 story with a full bath and washing machine on the 1st floor. The kitchen, dishwasher, and another full bath are on the 2nd floor. Our samsung dishwasher was throwing an error of not detecting water. We've been checking lines, filters, valves, trying to see if there's any kinks or...
  11. ygDIY

    Bad Pipe Design under Kitchen Sink?

    Hi all, my kitchen sink always gets clogged, I think the pipe design is not good, unless there is some unobvious reason behind the current design. Please see the attached pictures. View from left of the disposal: View from right of the disposal: Do you think this is a reasonable design, or a...
  12. JoeyDYI80

    Low water flow rate from kitchen faucet

    We installed a new faucet about 2 years ago and all was working well. It is a Krause single side handle. Recently we noticed that the flow rate had decreased for the cold side. After a few more days the hot side also had decreased. We closed and opened the valves under the sink and it actually...
  13. Terry

    Moen 1255 Everlast cartridge leaks, the fix from Moen

    I have been noticing that some of my customers with Moen kitchen faucets have had issues with the leaking 1255 cartridge. For some I've gone back several times. Moen now has a kit they send out that helps to keep the cartridge from loosening and therefore leaking. The is the kit. Once...
  14. Adam McBride

    Is this venting correct for a sink below a window?

    I am remodeling my home and the plumber said this how they vent an island sink, and it would work and be in code. There is a window above the sink, and they said this was the reason they chose this method. They said it was some kind of closed loop vent...ok. 1) Is it right? 2) If not, what does...
  15. Knowledging

    Kitchen remodel, vent is not 6 inches above flood rim

    Original plumbing Current state Dry fit [Ontario, Canada] This is a kitchen remodel. All the cabinets are out. All the sheetrock is removed from the wall. Kitchen plumbing has drain coming through kitchen floor several inches from exterior wall. I plan on using this drain. Sink will...
  16. Eva060792

    Moving kitchen sink to island from wall (in a condo...)

  17. JSwift

    Double kitchen sink slow draining after disposal trap installed.

    I have a dual kitchen sink with recently installed drain plumbing that is not draining slowly (pictures below). Prior to the new plumbing the AAV was about 10” above the top of the lateral line into the wall (where it goes to a 90° and into the slab). The disposal had no trap, it was a straight...
  18. Terry Exner

    Very leaky faucet when hooked up to a portable dishwasher?

    When I hook my portable dishwasher up to my faucet, the piece on top of the tap (faucet cap) leaks. I also think the bottom of the faucet body leaks. It's not just a minor drip either, it sprays out. I started up my dishwasher the other day and left it and when I came back to my kitchen, my...
  19. Zeit

    Pull-down Kitchen Sink Sprayer Connecter

    Hello folks. I have a brand unknown pull-down kitchen sink sprayer I need to replace. It has a connecter I don't know how to remove and haven't been able to identify. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  20. JJK

    Moen faucet woe (low flow)

    Hey there, I have a Moen faucet (2017) that is driving me bonkers with low flow. Looks like their Medina model, with a slightly different handle shape. It's been trouble almost from the start. Our building has old pipes (1950's condos), but the supply pipes coming out of the wall are putting...
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