1. xemi

    Help Disconnecting old kitchen faucet's Quick Connect

    I am replacing a 10 year old kitchen faucet (unknown which brand / model). I can not seem to figure out to disconnect the quick connect fitting. Typically, I've seen where you press up and squeeze the plastic rings together and you pull down, but this is different. It seems to have some sort of...
  2. ChiGuy2017

    Kitchen Island Plumbing / Sewage smell

    hi all, Have found a ton of help on here....first time posting. In our kitchen island we have a sink with a disposal. This is the 2nd sink in the kitchen and is rarely used- the main sink is against the wall and is attached to the dishwasher. The issue we are having with the island sink is...
  3. Tom918

    Galvanized sink stubout soldered to drain/vent. Or maybe lead piping.

    Bought a house built in the 50s. Thats the start of my problem . Anyways the Galvanized kitchen sink drain stubout is cracked and leaking so I must replace. Cut wall out to see what im working with only to find that the Galvanized stubout is soldered to the black cast pipe. Why they did not put...
  4. Jeff in Seattle

    Kitchen Sink "and/or" Dishwasher DFU UPC Clarification

    Hello, I have a 3" sewer main with a number of branch waste lines that enter it. 3" lines are rated for 35 DFU maximum. I have added a few fixtures in my basement and elsewhere and am approaching the maximum DFU rating for my main. Recently, I was doing some careful calculation of every...
  5. boudro18

    Drain pipe outside of kitchen sink on exterior wall

    Hi, this is my first post, so thanks in advance for any help. I was walking along the outside of the house today, and noticed that there is a hole in the wall leaking water at a pretty constant pace, straight onto one of my bushes. This hole lies directly under the kitchen sink on the interior...
  6. Rainydaytoast

    Gurgling sink getting worse

    Hi there, I was wondering how I go about stopping the gurgling from this sink. It only happens when I drain this sink and nothing else in the house. From what I've read it is to do with a vent. Lately it has become worse and I have been given the task to fix it by my dearest. I have been told...
  7. Terry

    Kohler Artifacts Kitchen Faucets

    Kohler has a line of faucets called Artifacts. Here are a few pictures from a recent job. Kohler Artifacts
  8. vivian

    Gushing noise in kitchen pipes when neighbour runs faucet

    Hello, I live on the 2nd floor of an 11 story condo. The building is about 12 years old and the hot/cold pipes under my kitchen sink are copper. Lately, whenever one of my neighbours runs their faucet, I hear a very loud gushing sound under my kitchen sink/ from the pipes; when I touch the...
  9. Derektvann

    PLZ HELP-kitchen drain connection problem

    hi guys, I'm new here and by no means a professional ... Trying to plum this new sink I have that sits lower then my old one.... Wondering if I can make this work (see picture) or if I will have to higher the sink OR lower the drain pipe?
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