Water Draining Around Bathtub Flange

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I've got water leaking around the bathtub flange in my seldom used bathroom. I confirmed this by closing the drain, running an oz of water, putting some dust particles into the water, and watching where it sucked up to as the water drained out. It sucked up to the outside edge of the flange - not the drain seam.

I had the plumber address this last month - he added more putty to the flange. Now the issue is back; I discovered this after filling the tub (related to preservation due to the recent winter storm) and discovering the tub empty 12 hours later.

Questions for you esteemed gents:

1) is that water likely (or even certainly) running onto the concrete slab below? Or does it somehow make its way into the drain still? The cross sections I've looked at suggest the former but I'd love to be wrong.

2) Assuming the water is running onto the ground below, can I assume that the hole where the drain pipe descends has sucked most of this up? I have not found any evidence of water flowing out from under the tub on the "open" side. The closet on the back side of the wall and the living room opposite the drain were also dry along the floor that next morning. How big of a concern is water damage to the surrounding materials? (Again, seldom used tub - mainly concerned due to the missing half-full tub of water.)

3) does this issue suggest that the drain has been improperly installed in any way OTHER than perhaps insufficient putty around the flange twice now?

Many thanks in advance to whomever weighs in!


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The seal on the tub drain is the rubber seal between the tub and the shoe.
Putty makes very little difference.

If the tub is losing water, that's more the stopper letting water by and letting it go down the drain.


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