Triangle Tube Prestige Boiler Problems, Solutions & Question

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Yes. Just about the entire system has been cleaned or replaced at this point. Gas pressure has been normal every time it's been checked. Technician suspects it's something in the composition of the gas that is causing the residue? Does anyone have any insight to that? We have been trouble shooting this issue for more than a year and only finally got to the bottom of the cause of the loud "bang" that takes place and the repeated (but intermittent) ignition issues -- something is causing this red residue which causes the ignitor to fail or "bang". (Prior to the violent ignition we would regularly get an error that the boiler had failed to ignite after 5 attempts). The issue seems exactly the same as the post in 2014, but I don't see any solution.
I know triangle tube had some documented issues with their spark igniter. They switched to a champion spark ignition. Can you locate the spark igniter and see if it is in fact the newer champion brand?


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I don't know about this - I'll check. Thanks for the suggestion.
Following up, yes, flame is good - this was already checked. The only thing left to do is find out if there is anything wrong with the gas supply - we're considering there may be moisture in the gas or an additive that is causing the red residue. We've been trying to find a solution for more than a year at this point.
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