Plz recommend the next step in filtration based on water test results (and confirm settings)

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Hey all, thanks to anyone that can help. I have a 14mos old whole house softener and carbon filter, 64K capacity each, from impact water. 4 person household, two 50gal water heaters, zip code 78660. House is 8yrs old l, 3600sq ft, and we brought the old softener with us but continually had issues so it may have not worked ocrrectly. What we are seeing are a lot of white spots and glass etching. Spots do not clear easily or fully, plus etching made me think of silica, and sure enough, it's high. We will also notice not always having slippery water, thus I'd love input on the settings as well.

To get soft water again as it was testing 13gpg, I have completely emptied and cleaned the brine tank and switched to Solar crystals instead of pellets Softened water is now 0GPG cold and 1GPG hot (per Hach 5B), TDS 250 cold and 360 hot.

My settings:
Hardness 15
Max flow: 5.8 GPM
Days between regen: 28
Fill: 6lbs
Softening time: 240min
Backwash time: 8min
Draw dn time: 60min
Backwash: 4min
Rinse time: 4min
Grains of capacity: 48K
Gallons capacity: auto
Delayed regenenration

GAC filter:
Filterning dn post
Backwash: 8min
Draw time: Off
Backwash time: off
Rinse time: 4min
Fill: Off
Gallons capacity: Off

I also get a red flashing screen on both meters with a message "scheduled service" even though I have all service alarms turned off.

Water testing results (from Simple Lab) are attached. Silica test ran seperately and is 45.3.

From my search and quick email with impact water, r/o is the most comprehensive solution, but also the most costly. Under the sink option for drinking water would not work as we def. need to protect the dishwasher and the dishes, the fridge (where we get the water and also will shared the line with an espresso machine - highly susceptible to scale build up). What impact would any other options have and would they be worth considering? I have searched the forums and most concrete advice I found were posts from 2010 and 2016 so I'm not sure how much filtration has advanced since.

Thanks again and hopefully I have provided all the info. If anything else would be beneficial to know, please ask.


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