Plumbing Shower drain into Existing Concrete

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My elderly aunt was just diagnosed with a medical condition, so she's moving in with me into my ADU (I've always planned on her moving in anyway, but the medical issue just made it sooner). Only issue is, the ADU has a toilet, sink, but no shower (which I'm sure was originally planned because there was a capped hot/cold water supply within the wall cavity where the drain pipes are).


^ I'm going to remove the existing tile and want to put in a linear shower drain in the area marked in blue.


^ The green line is ground level. The concrete skirt raises up 6 inches and then the studs rests on a wooden sill on top of it. I am wondering what's the best way forward... either trench a new line and tie it into the toilet drain with a Y.... or


^ or, demo a hole through the slab


^ and tie it into the main line (or existing pipe so I don't have to dig as deep to reach main line)

She already canceled the lease on her place, so I have about 2 weeks to get this done. Any recommendations on the shower drain location/route would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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It looks like the easiest way would be to go to the exterior and tie in your vent the same way.. and its certainly possible that there is a drain already there as you suspect.. possibly one of the ABS pipes on the Right of the Interior photos could be it. Both are vents as they are connected in a vent pattern inside.

Sewer connection, vent over the concrete footing and up to tie into existing, extend trap arm to the p-trap and connect the linear drain.
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