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I'm kind of surprised after comparing a couple companies, my favorites came down to a Clack system or a Kinetico system - both quoted to be around $5k. My area in Southern California: water hardness 12.8 GPG, Chloramine 0.78 PPM

Clack was quoted for 1.5cu ft Clack, 1 in valve, 10% cross link 300lb brine tank + 1.5cu ft backwashing carbon system 50% Catalytic Carbon, 50% GAC with 1 inch valve for $3300+$1600 = $4900 - I didn't ask the specific model... I'm guessing it'd be Clack WS? I like the technician's description of customized coconut shell carbon and catalytic carbon ratio for our service area and that there are no filters to be replaced and the product is good for 30 years. We have good water pressure and for a family of 4 (2 are still toddlers), I didn't think we need a large system. He recommended the 1.5 over the 1 to guarantee no drop in water pressure.

Signature Twin-Tank Non-Electric Water Softener + CHLORAMINE FILTER + SEDIMENT PRE-FILTER for about $5170 - I didn't like that the sediment filter has to be changed every 2-3 years and that chloramine filter every 7 years ($$$$) but I was really sold on that it doesn't need electricity.

The way my water main is set up is at the back of the house and there's no nearby outlet so either I'll have to ask an electrician to draw a line over or have the technician puncture through the wall to draw power from the interior (I didn't like the sound of that but the technician didn't see to think it's a big project). Kinetico made it clear that there's no need to draw electricity so it's just making sure that the water main and sewage drain pipe are all accessible.

I've browsed through the other threads and it seems like Kinetico might be better for us but I wanted to hear the good, the bad, and the uglies before I make the appointment. I'm not really a DIY'er. I do my research but I really would prefer a set it and forget it system (other than putting on my calendar to refill the salt). I do like Apple products but could care less about BMWs (AKA I don't mind paying more for value as long as there's less hassle in the long run). But I don't like the idea of being locked to one retailer... Los Angeles is a huge market place and I could research for months without coming to a conclusion. I've definitely ruled out the Costco system and some of the younger (<5 years) companies. What else should I be considering?



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Clack does not make softener systems, but does manufacture high quality control valves, mineral and brine tanks. and other components from which one can "put together" a system.

The Clack "system" you reference was assembled by some vendor, using Clack components--determine who that vendor is and ask them about their system warranty, etc.

WS1 is Clacks's designation for their most commonly used control valve. It runs on 15VDC (500 mA) supplied by a small "wall-wart" adapter. Being a low-voltage/low current supply, you could plug this in at some distance from the control and use "bell wire" to extend the small 2-conductor cable from the wall-wart--just make sure the get the polarity correct.
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Kinetico and Clack are amazing products but the Kinetico is a bit more "locked". You will typically only have one service provider due to the territories. Clack valves can be worked on by any company so that would be my preference.


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... my favorites came down to a Clack system or a Kinetico system - both quoted to be around $5k. My area in Southern California...
I know this is an old thread but if you're still hanging around this forum (or anyone else who knows), can you tell me who in the SoCal area offers systems built with Clack components? I'd like to get one installed.
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