1. WMG

    Issues with upflow uranium/water softener system

    Hi, I have the following system: Uranium Reduction Lower Chamber .5 CF/Softener Upper Chamber 1.25 CF Meter VortechMid 1054Black/Counter Current Upflow CK10EE-1.5 GPM DLFC 18x40 Brine Tank Periodically I have been noticing very salty water after a regeneration, and sometimes a full brine tank...
  2. Jag_Man653

    Replacement of a circa 2007 Clack

    My system has been in service about 16 years with resin replacement a couple times. I've lost the receipts & manuals so don't the model, but I think it's a WS1 or WS2. My records show that the outside water hardness is 26 and inside is 11, whereas back in 2015 the inside was around 1...
  3. A

    How can I get a water softener system with Clack valve and Enpress Vortech tank when local companies sell under their own brand?

    Hi, I'm in the metro Detroit area and I've been researching water softener system. It seems like I'd want Clack valve and Enpress Vortech tank, but it looks like all the local water softener companies sell systems under their own brands and do not disclose the manufacturers of each component...
  4. GoSavorLA

    Kinetico versus Clack

    I'm kind of surprised after comparing a couple companies, my favorites came down to a Clack system or a Kinetico system - both quoted to be around $5k. My area in Southern California: water hardness 12.8 GPG, Chloramine 0.78 PPM Clack was quoted for 1.5cu ft Clack, 1 in valve, 10% cross link...
  5. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Service Manuals for Nelson Valves?

    Not being registered at Nelson, where might I obtain a copy of the service manual for this Nelson, 5-button, Clack valve. NWTS-10CFM-AIO-0.0 The above, most of all, as it is most at variance from the generic Clack valve, which service manual I already have. But these two would also be good to...
  6. Steveo1966

    Did my first re-bed, two questions

    Did my first re-bed , 2 weeks ago, of a 1 cu. ft. system with Clack WS1 head in my rental property in Kitchener, ON - very hard water. This forum has been invaluable in getting me prepared! All went well, except for one rookie mistake I made, that I believe I have recovered from:) - see 2...
  7. maelstrom

    Clack WS1 Diagnostic/Data Port?

    I have a Clack water softener and Ozone filter and would like to do some remote monitoring of these systems (remaining capacity, regen frequency etc.). They both have Clack WS1 variants so I am wondering if there's a standard way to retrieve data off these valves. I have tried sniffing the three...
  8. Steveo1966

    Water Softener Resin (media) replacement as DIY?

    I have two homes in Southern Ontario my principal residence in the north of Bolton area and an investment property in Kitchener acquired about 18 months ago. Both areas are known for hard water. Both homes have a clack WS1 valve/system and in my principal residence I had the softener replaced...
  9. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Who has experience of the Clack NWTS 5-button valve?

    One of the quotes I'm considering proposes a proprietary version of the Clack 5-button valve as offered only through Nelsen Water Treatment Systems. Referred to as the Clack NWTS 5-button valve, all I've been able to find on it is this PDF of their programming guide, and also this PDF of their...
  10. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Clack Valves from Canadian Water Warehouse

    I found this vendor offering Clack valves: CWW Ltd. And I'm a just slightly put on guard by their listing of the model WS1EA (EE). Similarly, they list a model WS125EE (EA). When I queried the vendor via email, they replied that EE and EA were the same valve. Does this make sense to anyone...
  11. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Clack Configurator Program?

    Something I stumbled across on-line yesterday at work during lunch was mention of a Clack configurator program. Am wondering it it is anything akin to the Watlow Configurator program for Watlow heater controllers. That is to say, a way of talking to the unit over RS-422 serial link via...
  12. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    On-Demand Twin-Tank Clack?

    I was informed by one vendor, thus... "The WS1 Twin can not be set up in a system 14 configuration utilizing both tanks at the same time for higher flow rates. This is only available on commercial softening equipment." Confusingly, there is an apparent contradiction in this brochure for the...
  13. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Clack "5 button", EE, or EA for Katalox Lite with Ozone?

    Had discovered conflicting information on which Clack valve to use with Ozotech EOG for Katalox Lite. Sources differed in specifying either an EA, EE, or 5-button Clack valve. See final section at bottom. EE Argument: Ozotech's own website for the EOG specifically names the "EE board" as...
  14. Ĝan Ŭesli Starling

    Direct Sales Vendors for Clack, Vortech & Ozotech

    As a DIY home-owner, where might I submit an RFQ shopping list via email for these product makes? Clack Vortech Ozotech My location is West Olive, Michigan. Feel free to reply also (or instead) via email or Facebook via links below. Email Fb/Aplonis
  15. OtherFWord

    Help Selecting Water Softener System

    I am looking to replace my gold series Culligan with something else. I am leaning towards Fleck but open to other options. Culligan came out and recommended to replace my current with an HE1 10". The pricing was just outrageous. I have been looking at the Fleck 5600SXT, 5810SXT and the 5810...
  16. MN Rez

    Fleck 5810 vs clack ws1

    I am sure I am going to get a mix of answers for this question. Does anyone have any preference or suggestions on choosing between a clack ws1 or a fleck 5810 softener system? 5 person family, City water, 17 gpg hardness. Any help appreciated.
  17. Steveo1966

    Salt Level & Brine concentration / saturation

    I generally keep the salt level in my Clack WS1 unit above the water level which is recommended. However, every couple years, I like to run the salt down to near empty to make sure there is no bridging and also clean out any sediment from the brine tank. Currently the water level is probably...
  18. J.A.R.V.I.S.

    Need Help Selecting a Softener & Iron Removal System. Fleck 2510 vs 5900 vs Water-Right Impression?

    I came across this forum while researching water treatment options, and it looks like a great resource for home issues. Bookmarked! I just moved into a new-t0-us house (2005) with well water that needs to be addressed. Currently it just has a basic sediment filter, and a Clearwave electronic...
  19. RyanIndy

    Marlo Clack valve filling brine tank on backwash

    I recently had my plumber (aug 2018) install a Marlo water softener Model MCV-30-K. I've had problems with this since day 1. The main issue has been that sometimes the brine tank is full. Happens probably every other regeneration. Originally I thought was debris in the injector assembly, so...
  20. Glenr

    No Brine Draw Clack WS1

    I am not getting any brine draw from my brine tank. For troubleshooting, I eliminated the brine tank and its valves by putting the 2 ft brine line into a bucket of water. When I do a regeneration, there is no suction during any of the cycles and in fact there is water coming into the bucket...
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