1. 4thof7

    Rental house with a Kinetikco

    Hello, I’m renting an house that has a Kinetico 4040 OD. There’s no installation date on the system (will try to contact the company on the sticker..) but seems in decent conditions. The tank only had residual water and the brine well was full of salt crystals, to the point that it could not...
  2. BarryChapman

    Kinetico Water Softener unit has rust accumulation?

    Hi all - I am new here and found this site through google, as I am not having much luck getting answers. I have a kinetico water softener system and we were having some pressure problems in outside hoses. I called the company that installed it, and the installers came out and said that the...
  3. GoSavorLA

    Kinetico versus Clack

    I'm kind of surprised after comparing a couple companies, my favorites came down to a Clack system or a Kinetico system - both quoted to be around $5k. My area in Southern California: water hardness 12.8 GPG, Chloramine 0.78 PPM Clack was quoted for 1.5cu ft Clack, 1 in valve, 10% cross link...
  4. Turtlens

    Kinetico 60 Regen Drive Pawl Skipping - Sticks in Regen Cycle

    I've got a Kinetico Model 60 (unknown age, serial 01198097 if that gives any indication). City water main broke in front of our home, and shortly after the system would get stuck in the regeneration cycle. Initial thought was a sediment influx, though there is a pre-filter. Disassembled and...
  5. JD-SD

    Kinetico Q850 - will not draw brine

    Hello - I have a Kinetico Q850 that will not draw brine. Unit is 7 years old and has a 4x20 big blue pre-filter which keeps it pretty clean. I've scoured forums seeing the best info on this site which is why I'm posting here, hoping someone else has resolved similar issue. Here's what I've...
  6. Mowmow

    Fleck 9100 SXT over old Kinetico tanks

    Hi all, I've just purchased a Fleck 9100 SXT to replace the Kinetico Model 100 valve head. I've been performing most of the maintenance on the K100 since I bought my home about 18 years ago, but I paid to have the media replaced a few years ago. It has the number 6 wheel. When it's behaving...
  7. t3hn4t3

    Rebuild or Replace Kinetico Model 60?

    I’ve read all of the posts I can find about the Kinetico Model 60 (age is from early 2000’s). One of the posts in particular ( mentions not being able to read the disc and...
  8. Rick M

    Kinetico FLT/SFT Para-Flo 4040 Quad tank with neutralizer?

    I just bought a home near Fort Mill, SC and the seller said the Kinetico Water Softener was offline because it needs a "rebuild and new resin and neutralizer". I called a Kinetico dealer and he came out, tested the water and it was slightly acid at about 6.0ph and 5 grains of hardness. It...
  9. Drewsonian

    Kinetico Float Adjustment

    Hi, I recently moved my Kinetico Model 60 softener as a part of remodeling my basement. It was working well before the move. However, I think I may have inadvertently changed the float height setting because after moving the softener, we are now running out of soft water just before each...
  10. SapperCSM

    Kinetico Drips

    Greetings, My Kinetico 2040 continues to drip or exit a steady stream after a regeneration cycle. It stops after I manually regenerate to the 12 o’clock position. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Vinny
  11. SapperCSM

    Kinetico Keeps Dripping after Regeneration

    Greetings, My Kinetico 2040 continues to drip or exit a steady stream after a regeneration cycle. It stops after I manually regenerate to the 12 o’clock position. Any ideas? Thank you in advance Vinny
  12. ThudnBlundr

    Kinetico Softener Irregular BW

    I've searched for this without luck. We've had a Kinetico softener for many years, but recently the backwashing has become irregular. It backwashed on Tuesday evening last week, finishing around 9pm. At 6:30am the following morning it was backwashing again although only one person had used a...
  13. John19

    Kinetico Model 30 - not regenerating

    I've seen good discussions here, so here goes.... I have a Kinetico Model 30 and it looks like the dial is stuck. I've switched it to the next 'block' (brine/rinse, backwash, etc.) and checked back in half an hour, but it was still at the same spot. So it doesn't seem to be moving by itself...
  14. Borispil

    Kinetico 2060 water comes out of hydrogen peroxide line

    Howdy This is my last resort I need some help... I just moved in to this house, the system is kinetico i think 2060f OD or 20-something F OD (all 4 media tanks were painted white along with stickers and only 20X0F OD looks identical to this set up), twin set up, one is double tanks with salt...
  15. Gayle Malone

    Comparing Kinetico and GE AdvantaPure softeners

    In doing research, it has seemed to me that these are potentially the two best upflow water softeners. So I tried to compare efficiency and costs. Here is what I've been told for our water which is 223 PPM and 12.8 grains hardness. I've been told the GE RO system only wastes .5 gallons for...
  16. superecho

    Kinetico Model 50 won't auto-regenerate

    I have a Kinetico Model 50, unknown age, it came with the house 8 years ago. I noticed that it stopped using salt and on investigation I discovered that it wasn't regenerating. When water is running in the house, I believe I should see the 'No Back Pawl' and the "Regen Start Pawl' ticking...
  17. pascal

    Kinetico not advancing after cleaning

    Hi there, first off, thank you. I've been browsing this site for a while and have found a lot of great answers! so my problem...I recently took apart my (working) kinetico (K60???) that was installed in around 2001-2004 to inspect it and look for iron buildup as part of looking as to why the...
  18. Epistemology

    Kinetico Question

    I have a 2060 dual tank kinetico system made in 2008. I'm trying to see if the unit is operating correctly as it appears my post-softened water seems a bit salty than normal. I broke down the control head today, save the gear assemblies on the very top of the unit. After inspection and...
  19. Dieseldoc

    Kinetico sulfur guard valve

    Good evening all, Along with a new house purchase in June I acquired a softener with a fleck 5600 valve and a kinetico sulfur guard system. Neither seemed to work at move in, I had the local service company come out and check the system, they said everything was in working order. It still...
  20. Baldhound

    Kinetico peroxide tube overflowing

    I have a Kinetico system with sulfur removal. The water lately has a slight iron smell, taste, but otherwise is fine. No rotten eggs! I noticed the peroxide tube is overflowing continuously. Any thoughts on cause? I've manually regenerated both the main and ancillary tanks several times. Thanks!
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