How do you feel about the Aquasure Harmony series?

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My home: 4 people, city water, no hardness test completed yet

I'm seeing people state this is essentially a fleck unit with an upgraded or more intuitive control head, fleck parts are interchangeable etc...

They seem a good value compared to others which is usually a red flag, I was looking into them for awhile yesterday. I still haven't determined size as I'm awaiting my Hach test kit, but the water is damn hard here. I have no bias, if theres one variable to consider its that we dont plan on being here after 5 years. Now anything could happen, home values could plummet or rise to an amount we cant afford to move.....but thats the plan.

For the next week Im researching resin types and volume, most all the suggestions I've read have been to go 1.5cft. I tend to spend more on things and buy quality products or at least value for the $ and prioritize function and reliability over all else. However with our plans to move I'm wondering if I can get by with something a little less pricey that may not last 20 years, let the new homeowner deal with it.

thanks for any replies!
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