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I moved into my house in 2015, and it came with a whirlpool softener. When I spoke to my father in law he mentioned that the resin might need changed. I looked up the price for the resin, and it is 100+ and would also pay someone to service it. I thought about it, and it could potentially cost more then the softener I have + potential repairs that might be needed.

I called culligan, aqua systems, local water softener place here. They all wanted 1500, and up. I also got our water tested which the hardness was 21.

Aqua Systems seemed appealing to me, because if I got their Value line it came with a life time exchange program. They will swap out the whole resin bed for $325, and sway out the valve assembly for 200.

I'm also looking at DIY options, and stumbled across flex 5600, Spring well, and aquasure, softpro.

I know that my local water softener place uses clack, and from what I noticed on their website they only make the valve. I would like people's opinions on the cheapest, but best route.

I added some pictures from some on my neighbors. Our water was pink at one point, and people in my family have sensitive skin. We never noticed a difference until we went on vacation.


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Before doing anything do run Iron Out during a regen cycle. This post of a few weeks ago has a lot of information so read it carefully. Over time iron sticks to the resin blocking the ion exchange. Iron Out removes iron from the resin. There was a post here a few years ago and someone had mentioned how to tell if the resin is at end of life. It may take a while to find it.
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