New Water Softener and filter set-up: atypical situation!

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Hello, and thanks in advance for your assistance and advice.

I'm installing a new (no system currently installed) whole-house water filter and softener system.
Background below:

We moved into a new home (new to us) which has a unique water situation:

1. Well Water--but community well with County-treated, metered, and tested water: Chlorine is present and very noticeable
2. Hard water: 180-240 ppm, with an average of about 12 grains, higher surges from time to time
3. Some contaminates, see the report attached, very typical for year-over-year results, and chlorine by-products
4. Water is pricey, so water usage is a concern
5. Alternate septic system with aerobic treatment and pump/spray--pricey and sensitive

Water is pretty clean and stable, fairly benign, but hard and chlorinated
I plan to install: (All 1" piping from water inlet to the whole house)

A: Pre-filter to remove any potential sediment before water filter/softener systems (5 micron 20" BB?)
B: Whole-house non-backwashing up-flow Carbon filter 2.0 ft3 with 12x40 Centaur GAC (and KDF-55 cubes/reticulated?)
C: Fleck 9100 SXT 32k alternating twin-tank with 10% resin (Vortech tanks)

My logic...
Pre-filter to keep the carbon (and resin) clean
Upflow carbon filter with KDF-55 to protect the resin/carbon from chlorine damage and remove chlorine/byproducts and metals
---not using backwash to reduce the wastewater, expensive and stressful on the alternate septic
---strongly considering the KDF-55 in cube (reticulated) form to keep carbon/KDF separate--possibly on Vortech mid-plate?
Fleck 9100 twin for several reasons:
---protect the resin using 'clean' water to backwash--like to find a system with Vortech tanks to improve/keep efficiency high
---address our wildly varying usage (3 people to 6 people, with 5 baths and lots of ancillary use (car washing, laundry, etc)
---reduce the lost reserve capacity and minimize the backwash and salt usage--protecting the alternate septic/water costs
---It's reliable

So, I have a few questions and am asking for your suggestions, critiques, and sage advice.

Current usage points to normal regens (30k) about every 7-10 days. 3-5 days when the house is full of kids etc.

Thoughts on sizing a twin? 24k seems too small, 32k seems more efficient, and not backwashing every 3-5 days, better flow rates for 1" Thoughts?

I believe the recommendation for filtered, chlorine-treated water (city), is granulated active carbon (not catalytic, etc)??? see the water report
I would like to use KDF-55 cubes, to permit exchange of the cubes (maybe above the GAC?) when needed, as they will likely fail before the carbon.
Thoughts on reticulated/cube KDF vs granulated? On a Vortech mid-plate (or just on top) ??

Interested in using Vortech tanks to reduce backwash water and salt requirements. (softener) Thoughts?
Strongly considering a Vortech carbon filter tank, with or without a Vortech "mid" platform for the KDF-55 cubes. Thoughts?

Thank you


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