Home-owner looking for some help properly venting a 1st floor toilet around a support beam in the basement ceiling.

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I registered an account specifically for this question so any help would be greatly appreciated!
I live in a house built 100 years ago and over that time there's been some questionable modifications done. One of which is the powder room on my first floor. When I moved in after a couple months I noticed the horrific poop smell coming from a mystery location near the bathroom. I couldn't figure out. After checking the plumbing in the basement, I noticed there was a P trap that wrapped around this structural beam and up into the wall where you can see the hole is "highlighted" on the left with a paper towel. What happened is poop water was accumulating in that trap. We removed the vent and plugged the pipe. So now no more poop smell, but now the toilet does not flush properly.

The pipe coming from the toilet is about 20 ft long and then goes into the main stack. There's probably a 6-in drop across that whole 20 ft. That doesn't appear to be any other way that I can vent this other than drilling through the beam, which would be a horrible idea I believe. You can see that this beam in a few others like it are doubled up because the floor was sagging.

I'm guessing other option would be to replace the poopie P trap and vent to the attic, tie in with the existing pipe and try to vent out the roof?
Trying to do this correctly but on a tight budget.

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