1. av76

    Freestanding bathtub not flat on bottom

    We are in the process of installing a DXV Freestanding bathtub. The instructions say to apply a 3/8" bead of Liquid Nails to the bottom of the tub to adhere it to the floor. The tub is not yet glued down. It feels a little rocky. The floor is flat but if I push down on one side, the other side...
  2. K

    Help installing vintage american stand sink

    I'm looking to install a1950s American Standard sink. Does anyone have any advice on how to assemble the legs and towel bars? It should look as pictured. I am having an issue with the legs, also. They appear to be two different sizes and the ends are different. One is 26" long and has...
  3. Wutang

    Needs advice for installing drop in tub.

    So I have this tub I’m about to build the frame for. But I’m curious as to the bottom setup. It has a osb sheet base secured to the bottom with the osb having these real flimsy legs also made of osb. Are these legs solely a shipping perk to keep the drain safe from breaking during transporting...
  4. Hud

    Advice on new softener.

    Plan to replace my current softener with a Fleck 5810SXT and would appreciate comments on a couple items. City water; 15 grains; no iron, 0.6Clorine; code requires 1" plumbing. 2 person household, 90 day average soft water consumption is 75 gallons per day. 1. Is 10% resin a good option. 2. I...
  5. Terry

    TOTO Aquia IV CST446CEMG with SW2024 Washlet pictures

    TOTO Aquia IV CST446CEMG with the SW2024 Washlet installation. 1.28 / 0.08 GPF. Comes with the fully skirted bowl and the option to install at either the standard 12" or the optional 10" and 14". CST446CEMG and SW2024 Washlet Installation is done with the standard TSU08W.12 12" Unifit...
  6. Dave25

    Help with RO water installation?

    Hello there I just purchased an RO water filtration system for my kitchen sink. I think I have the whole thing figured out but I'm having trouble trying to connect a drain line because I live in an apartment and I would prefer to not drill a hole in the main drain pipe. Here's a photo...
  7. Michael Harner

    Replacing Baxi Luna 310 with Viessmann 35 Combi

    My baseboards produce 75,000 BTU using 1660 per foot. Three contractors all want to use Viessmann. What negotiating points can I ask for? I'm keeping my two thermostats. How many annual free maintenance calls are reasonable? Isn't $6900 quite high using existing plumbing and gas lines? What...
  8. Terry

    Delta RP5834 tub spout installation with pictures

    Delta makes a good replacement tub spout that works with 1/2" iron pipe nipples or copper pipe. A lot of older homes from the 70's and older may have threaded nipples for tub spouts. Some newer ones are copper. This spout works with both, as long as you know how to solder copper and have the...
  9. Dallin Lewis

    Expansion Tank Installation--horizontal with flex pipes

    I installed an A.O. Smith water heater with a friend (handier than me) a few weeks back. There's intermittent leaking at the T/P valve, and I'm confident that I need to install an expansion tank (the old heater had one, but it is not reusable). My question is whether I can work with the flex...
  10. Dave317

    Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve with R11000 diverter - installation questions

    Good morning, I am installing a Delta R10000-UNBXHF valve and a R11000 diverter that will ultimately control a regular shower head, an overhead rain can, and a handheld. The supply is 1/2" PEX from a ManaBloc manifold. The question I have is about stringer depth: I am aware that the...
  11. Terry

    Replacing/Installing Moen Renzo kitchen faucet

    The Moen Renzo faucet CA87316 This was a replacement for an older one, let's take a look. The mounting cap can be installed either of two ways. This one was installed this way making it hard to use anything but the supplied Moen wrench. It was solidly on there, and the wrench wasn't having...
  12. kingtut68

    Water Pressure Booster Pump?

    I just bought my first house back in May. I immediately had issues with the water and water pressure. The water is acidic (pH = 6.2) and I have copper pipes plus the pressure is ridiculously low (haven't tested the psi just yet). Anyways, I've already purchased an acid neutralizer for the pH...
  13. Kindysmith

    Water Softener hook up problem

    I'm trying to hook up my new GE water softener in my new home. I can hook up my SharkBite water softener flex hoses to my new unit just fine, but cannot figure how to attach the hoses to the water softener hook up coming out of my garage wall. There are 2 plastic blue pipes coming out of the...
  14. Terry

    Connecting Faucets with Supply Tubes

    Connecting Faucets with Supply Tubes Prevent leaks and save money with new supply tubes for your sink. I never reuse old supply lines. Many come with a ten year warranty, so my feeling is that if they ever get removed, they should be replaced. Some new faucets come with supply tubes. Most of...
  15. partnerinflight

    Tankless installation questions

    So got myself into a bit of hot water (forgive the bad pun), was hoping the fine folks here could help with some know-how. So I bought a Rinnai RUR98iN tankless water heater online. Due to a confluence of bad luck and stupidity, I contracted an HVAC company to install the thing, even though...
  16. Terry

    How to Install the Moen Annex Shower Rail

    A very nice video by Moen shower the installation of the Annex Shower Rail. Kohler also makes a very nice shower rail. It's a nice addition to a bathroom.
  17. MadmartiganWait

    Can hear other units flushing after installing new toilet

    Hello and thank you in advance for any advice and help you can provide! As always, I will try to be as brief as possible. Yesterday, I installed a new Glacier Bay Model # N2428RB/N2428T. It is flushing as expected, no leaks, the toilet is stable (doesn't wobble), and have only had the following...
  18. GrnMitsu

    Under mount tub install mystery

    Hello - First, thanks to all who share their knowledge on this forum, I have read as many threads as I could find on under mount tubs and have learned so much. With all the knowledge here, I still can not figure out how to frame my under mount tub. I called the manufacturer and they were less...
  19. Mattinwc79

    Best American Standard 12" Toilet for 11" Rough In

    Hi there, I'm new to this thread and a first time home buyer. We're redoing our bathroom and found that our rough-in will be about 11.0" - 11.25" from our finished wall (we'll have tile on the wall). Our contractor is telling us that we'd need to find a 10" toilet or a 12" toilet that will fit...
  20. Terry

    Icemaker Box Installation with pictures

    Finished home needing water to the icemaker. Typically all finished with drywall already. Sometimes it's over a crawlspace and sometimes on a second floor. The trick if finding a water supply to tap off of. In this home they had PEX running over the to kitchen sink that I was able to cut and tee...
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