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Hey all, I am doing a bathroom remodel where I am moving from a single vanity to a double vanity. After looking around at other posts about how to properly setup the draining for the sinks, I have not been able to find a post similar to my scenario. I have the vent stack off the the left in an adjacent wall where I am not 100% sure if my suggested idea in the picture below is the best option. This is currently what I have, but going to a double vanity I believe I will need to add something like in the 2nd picture but getting around the corner is what is throwing me off on possible solutions.



In the 2nd picture we have all the plumbing for two bathrooms and the kitchen coming into the same stack. Behind wall A is the second bathroom and wall B the Kitchen. Pipe #1 is from the kitchen sink, #2 is for both bathroom sinks and #3 is from the dishwasher in the kitchen.

My idea from seeing other posts is to add something along the lines of what I drew but getting the pipes through the corner is something that I am not sure about. Do I even need to add this type of venting or is there another option?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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