Valley Shower faucet identity help needed.

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I am just a DIYer, that likes to fix it myself if I can - amateur with plumbing. We have had a combination of a drip from the spout, and a loose, and somewhat dangling faucet handle. My wife had a habit of pulling the handle down extra hard to get the water to stop leaking. Well, the diamond shaped cam broke near the bottom, and finally...the handle broke off. I screwed the cap off to reveal a "ball" system that I've not been able to track down anywhere. My first drawback is the lack of any MARKINGS to identify what system I have(Delta, Moen, etc). The house was built in 1993...and I would assume maybe an early Delta, but neither the handle, back plate(eschatucheon maybe...odd spelled word), or anything else has a name or initial. SO I may have aftermarket on here.

So first, can anyone direct me to where it's possible to find such parts? Everything at Lowes and online show larger steel balls, or larger plastic, but without these unique "stems" protruding out the sides. I obviously can't even give anyone a series name, because I don't know what to ask for. Second, if parts cannot be found for this setup anymore, what might be needed to replace this? Third, would this even settle the spout leak issue, or is that unrelated. Again, I am amateur. Time and advice from the pros is beyond appreciated! Thanks to all!

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